How Often Should I Check My Mighty Insights™?

When you’re part of a community you love, it feels magical. Behind the scenes, it’s data and insights that inform and guide the creation of that magic.

Mighty Insights™ gives you the motherlode of insights. But with so much data available, how often should you check it to make the most of your Mighty Network?

To help you create a habit of checking Mighty Insights, here are a few scenarios to keep in mind:

Monitoring Your Mighty Network’s Health

At the least, you should use Mighty Insights™ to monitor your Mighty Network’s overall health. The Overview dashboard is just the place for that.


From this dashboard, take a look at your Active Members and pay attention to spikes or dips to these numbers in the past 28 days. Then, glance at your DAM/MAM and WAM/MAM ratios for an idea of what percentage of your members are coming back every day and week.

We recommend you monitor your Overview dashboard at least once a week. 

For more on what metrics to monitor, check out this article.

After a Significant Event or Influx of Members

Say you just finished a significant event or ran a major campaign to attract new members. This is a great time to measure the impact of your efforts. If you’ve noticed a major change in your Mighty Network, like a sudden uptick of new members, this is also a clear trigger to use Mighty Insights™ to uncover what happened.

Planning Events or Changes to Your Mighty Network

Not only is Mighty Insights™ great for looking back, but also for planning ahead. Thinking of starting a new Course that expands on a successful one? Go to your Content dashboard, filter for that Course, and see what types of posts had the most interaction. Who should you invite to a new Space first before you roll it out to your entire Mighty Network? Use Mighty Insights™ to find your most active members and add them to the list.

No matter how often you decide to check Mighty Insights™, it’s more important that you make it a consistent habit than it is to check it as often as possible. Using Mighty Insights™ is all about creating a feedback loop of monitoring your data and adjusting your community in kind.

Updated August 2022

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