Does Mighty Networks have Language Localization?

Right now the main components of our platform are in English. So menu items, buttons, and other defaults aren’t available in other languages.

However, we have many non-English and even multi-lingual Mighty Networks that have leveraged the ability to customize their Mighty Networks in some pretty fantastic ways! 

For instance, you can rename Courses and Groups to be whatever you’d like—whether that’s a different English word, like “Workshops”, or using another language entirely. For instance, if your members predominantly spoke Spanish, your navigation could call out “Lecciones” and “Grupos.”

You can also of course use your language of choice when naming your Mighty Network, creating your Topics, adding posts, in comments…etc. 

Another idea we’ve seen some communities deploy: a quick welcome video, in your language of choice, that translates some of the default buttons. So you can explain to members who may not be familiar with English exactly what “Home”, “Discovery,” “Members,” etc means. 

You can also use the Google translate extension to automatically translate any default in a Mighty Network to hundreds of different languages. This is another idea to share in your welcome video or otherwise with non-English speaking members. Here’s how it looks in Mighty Community.

While those workarounds enable you to do a ton of customization, implementing full language localization across our platform so that things like menu items, buttons, and other default text are automatically translated is on our Product Roadmap. We’ll update this article when we launch it! 


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