What’s a Big Purpose? 

Your Big Purpose is the motivation for your community. It's why your Ideal Members— the people who need your community, course, or membership the most right now—join up and contribute to what you're building. 

The best Big Purposes are exciting, specific, and speak to the lives and motivations of your Ideal Members. Capturing and promoting a successful Big Purpose is the difference between growing a thriving community where members want to both contribute and invite other members versus leaving you struggling for engagement. 

The great news? Every successful Big Purpose follows a proven formula. 

I/We bring together _______[your Ideal Member with a transition]_________________ 

to _____[the bridge, or the activities your members will do together]_________,

So that we can __________[achieve the results we want] ___________________. 


It’s a powerful formula that’s  living, breathing, and leaves room to iterate and chance. 

Even better news? We’ve had a Big Purpose breakthrough that we’ve taught successfully to thousands (for free!) in Mighty Community. 

You can watch the video tutorial here and download the Guide that makes it easy to copy and paste your way to a compelling Big Purpose. 

You’ve got the software to be successful, and a great Big Purpose gets you the strategic foundation you need, too. 

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