Can I Use GIFs in My Mighty Network?

You totally can! Simply select the GIF icon and type in a keyword for the GIF you’re looking for. 

Whether you're adding a GIF to a Quick Post, Comment, or Chat, the path is the same: click the GIF button at the bottom-left of the module, search for the GIF you'd like to send, and send.

Here’s how to add a GIF to a Chat message:


Here’s how to add one to a comment:


Here’s how you add one to a Quick Post:


If you'd like to add a GIF to an Article, it works a little differently. First make sure you have the GIF (as a .gif file) saved to your local computer or phone. Then, just choose the option to "add image." Wherever you would add a static image, you can also add a GIF as long as you have it saved first.

All GIFs on our platform have a G/PG rating.

Gifs are fun—give them a try in your Mighty Network. P.S. We’re team “hard G” over here at Mighty!


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