What is a Quick Post and How Do I Create One in My Mighty Network?

A Quick Post is a perfect way to share a quick status update and/or share a single image, video, or embedded link with your members. When creating a Quick post, you can add a single image, video, file, video link, or embedded link. 

Quick Posts are enabled on your Mighty Network by default. To turn them off, go to Settings > Content within your Network, Group, or Course where you want to create Quick Posts and toggle the option "off." 


Here, you can also restrict the ability to create Quick Posts to only Hosts and Moderators, or allow all Members to create them. Members can comment on Quick Posts regardless of this setting.


Or, you can open up the Mighty Networks iOS or Android app and add a Quick Post using the + button along the bottom menu.


When creating a Quick Post, you can add a single image, video, video link, embedded link, or file attachment.


If you want to add multiple images, videos, or file attachments, we suggest using an Article instead (keep scrolling to see exactly how to create an Article).

If you're sharing a single image in a Quick Post, you have the option to add the text of your post so that it sits just below the image (like a caption) or on top of the image (so that it appears as a background image behind your text). 


To toggle between these options, just tap or click on the prompt in the corner that gives you the option to expand the image you're sharing as a background photo or collapse it so that it fits just above the text you're sharing.

Quick Post images display in either a 21:9 horizontal ratio or a 3:4 vertical ratio. Posting images with a 3:4 ratio is best if you want images to be saved as a background. If you're not using an image as a background, any normal size should work well because the image will display in the same shape as you upload it. Just keep in mind that if the image is really wide (like a panorama) or really long, some cropping will occur when you see the image in the main feed. However, we preserve and display the original image if you click or tap on it to view the full size. 

If you want to add headers, bold text or italic text, or hyperlinked text, we recommend using the Article option instead. The character limit for a Quick Post is 20,000 characters.

Hashtags GIFs and Emojis

You can also use hashtags, emojis and GIFs in a Quick Post, Chat message, Article, or comment on web or mobile!


Anyone in your Mighty Network (Host, moderator or member) can create hashtags. Simply start by typing a “#” followed by text, similar to how hashtags work on other platforms. You can also use multiple hashtags to tag the same content.


Hashtags can contain letters, numbers or the underscore character but they can’t contain other special characters (like “&” or “$” etc…) or extra spaces. 

As you’re typing the hashtag, we’ll show you a dropdown to surface existing available hashtags. If you want to create your own, you can simply keep typing to create a new hashtag.


Hashtags used on content that exists only in a Group or Course that a member doesn’t have access to will not show as a dropdown option. If the member has access to the Group or Course where the content lives, then the hashtag will appear in the dropdown as an option.

After clicking a hashtag, search results will show all content across the Mighty Network that contains that hashtag. If tagged content exists within a Group or Course to which the member doesn’t have access, the content will not appear in the list. 


Coming Soon: the ability to “highlight” and disable hashtags! Network Hosts will be able to choose specific tags that appear at the top of the autocomplete list when members begin typing. You will also be able to disable hashtags. For now, we recommend that members report problematic content or members to Hosts or that you delete content that contains hashtags you don’t want in your Mighty Network.

GIFs and Emojis

You can add GIFs and emojis to comments or in chat, and you can put them in Articles and Quick Posts too, if your Host has empowered you to make those. Check out this article to learn more!


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