Can I Add Admins to Specific Groups or Courses Only?

Yes, you can promote members of your Mighty Network, to help you manage or Co-Host a Group or Course! You can also invite new people into those Spaces directly as Hosts. 

They will have Host or Moderator permissions only inside of that Space and will not have global permissions (ie: changing the name, deleting your Mighty Network, etc…) This is a great way to recruit your most active members to become more involved in the community you’re building or to bring in some extra help from outside.

You can have unlimited Co-Hosts and Moderators on a Mighty Network, in the main community or in Groups and Courses. No paying per seat! 

Group Host or Moderator

With Groups enabled on The Community Plan or The Business Plan you can separately assign Host and Moderator permissions to a Group space. 

You can read more about what permissions each role has here.

Course Host, Moderator or Instructor

Courses can have Course Hosts, Course Moderators and Course Instructors. You can learn more about those roles and their permissions here.

Note: for any content that you create in your Mighty Network (including Quick Posts, Articles, Events, Polls, and Questions), only Network Moderators and Hosts can schedule the content to publish at a later date.

To make someone a Host or Moderator of a Group or Course, you will want to be sure that you’re logged in on the web. Then, navigate to Members > search for their name > select the More Menu > Change Role > choose Group/Course Host or Moderator.


You can learn more about Network Host and Moderator roles by checking out this article

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