How Does Direct Member Messaging Work in a Mighty Network?

You can start a one-to-one chat or bring up to 9 members together for a small group chat. It’s easy! 

Start a 1x1 Chat Conversation

To start a direct message with one member, click the chat icon in the upper right and click “+” to start a new chat, then search for the name of the member you want to direct message. 

Select them, and click “Start Chat”. 

You can also start a chat with another member by going to their profile and clicking “Chat”.

Note: Once a chat has been created, you can’t add new members to it. You’ll have to start a new one.



Turning Off Private Chat

If you decide to not allow members to direct message each other, you can toggle off Private Chat. Go to Network Settings > Members > Member Communication.


From there, you can toggle on or off Private Chat. Private Chat and All Member Chat are separate, so you can choose to have both, one or neither available to your members.


When you toggle off Private chat, your members will see a notification that it has been turned off. If All Member Chat is still enabled, then they will only see the All Member Chat option.


Any options to chat with a specific member (for example when being welcomed into a Network from an invite or when browsing the member list) will show the prompt to “View Profile” instead of “Chat”. 

If, as a Host, you are turning off the ability for your members to message each other and you, we recommend including another way to contact you in your profile or Welcome Article. Your members will want a way to connect with you! 

Managing Existing Chat Conversations

In the mobile apps, tap the chat icon to open your chat list, where you can access previous conversations and start new ones. On the web, click the chat icon in the upper right corner to see a list of your existing chats. 


You can search for existing chat conversations from within a chat. By typing a name into the search bar, you'll see any relevant member names appear along with a text preview of the associated conversation. You can do this on both web and mobile through the chat conversation search bar at the top of the chat list.

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