Can I Charge for Group Access in My Mighty Network?


You can charge for access to a Group whether your Mighty Network is public, paid, private or even secret. 

First, create the Group you want to charge access to. This could be a mastermind, a Challenge group, a Group that holds a special Event series…etc. 

As a default, your Group will be set to the privacy setting, secret. When you’re ready to sell access, go to Manage > Payments > Charge for Access 



This will take you to the Plan Wizard where you can decide to charge access to just the Group (Internal Individual Plan) by excluding membership in your Mighty Network. This Plan is for current members of your Mighty Network and will not be visible on your landing page.


If you would like to bundle access to the Group with network membership, then you can create an External Bundle Plan that includes membership in your Mighty Network. This Plan is for non-members and will appear on your landing page.


With each option, you can charge a one-time fee or a subscription.

If you choose a subscription, then you can set the interval as monthly, annual, or monthly and annual.


For a full tutorial on how to set up Plans, check out How Do I Set Up Plans and Charge on Mighty Networks?

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