What is a Group (or Sub-Community)?

Groups, or sub-communities, are spaces within your Mighty Network that have their own branding, their own members, and their own Topics, Articles, Polls and Questions, and Events.

You'll unlock the Groups feature if you’re on The Community Plan or a higher tier.

A Group can be used for a mastermind, a Challenge group, a Group that holds a special Event series and more!

When you create a new Group you'll be prompted to make it public, private, secret or paid.

A Public Group or Course is visible to both members and visitors, and anyone can join.

Private Groups and Courses are listed in your Mighty Network, but only invited members or members that request to join and are approved can see the activity inside.

A Secret Group or Course is hidden from everyone except invited members and Network Hosts.

You can also set up your Group as Paid and charge a one-time fee or a subscription for access.

If you choose a subscription, then you can set the interval as monthly, annual, or monthly and annual.

To learn all about setting up your first Group, check out How Do I Add Groups to My Mighty Network?

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