What is an Online Course?

An online course is pretty straightforward. Its course material—which could be videos, PDFs, live events…etc—organized in a structured way, all online.

But to expand on the basic definition: An online course is a huge opportunity for you!

It’s the perfect addition to your community because communities are about helping people navigate change and get results and transformation they can’t get on their own. In other words, communities are a natural learning environment. 

In fact, Mighty Networks has always been a community platform, but a few years ago we realized we were hearing the same thing from all of our Hosts. They wanted us to build courses into the platform, so they could stop having their courses in one place and their communities in another.

That’s because courses and communities work so well together. Communities actually help people learn more quickly and achieve better results. 

So including an online course in your community is the perfect fit, and you’ll be marketing it to people who are already eager to learn new things and develop new skills. 

Online courses are also a billion dollar business—so that doesn’t hurt!

Typically online courses can be “on demand,” meaning there’s content that someone can consume when they want, on their own time.

Cohort-based courses mean someone is working through the material with a group, live,  at the same time. 

And community courses, which are only on Mighty, mean the course material is more of a complement to the community, which takes center stage.

You can learn more about the types of courses you can create on a Mighty Network here.

Interested, but not sure how to create an online course or what to teach? We can help! Visit our Free Resources Hub (which is in and of itself an example of an online course) to check out our video and Guide focused on how and when to launch an online course. 

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