Can I Sell Courses and Groups Without Membership to My Mighty Network?

No—and we have some great reasons for it!

Community is at the heart of every Mighty Network which is why each new member will need to create an account in your Mighty Network in order to access Groups or Courses. 

We like to think of your Mighty Network like a house. You want to welcome your new members at the front door, show them around and then give them access to the other spaces or “rooms” inside your house like Groups or Courses. 

If you are wanting to sell only access to a Group or a Course for your members, you have options on how to structure your payments. 

If you are opting for a Freemium model with free access to the main Mighty Network and paid Courses or Groups within it, follow this formula:

  1. Set your Mighty Network’s main privacy setting to be public, private, or secret.
  2. Once you’ve created at least one Group or Course inside your Mighty Network that you want to sell as a premium offering to members, create an Internal Individual Plan that’s associated with that Group or Course and make that Plan visible as soon as it’s approved.
  3. Now, members of your Mighty Network will be able to purchase premium experiences inside your community as individual Groups or Courses (or as a bundle of Groups and/or Courses you want to sell as a package).

If your Mighty Network is public, visitors can still browse your network and see that there are paid experiences available to purchase. 

If you want to sell paid access to your Mighty Network and Courses and/or Groups within it, then follow these steps (the benefit of this formula is that you have an External Landing Page to which you can send visitors to where they will only have to purchase one bundle):

  1. Create an External Free Plan that grants access to a Network Membership and make it visible.
  2. When you make any External Plan visible (even an External Free Plan), it will automatically switch your Mighty Network’s privacy setting to be paid, which means your overall community can no longer be public, private, or secret.
  3. Create an additional External Bundle Plan (or several Plans) that grant access to a Network Membership plus individual Groups or Courses you want to sell as a package upfront to people who are ready to join your Mighty Network. Make those Plans visible when they are approved.
  4. Now, anyone who visits your Mighty Network’s landing page directly or via an invitation will see an option to become a member via the External Free Plan *or* via purchasing one of your External Bundle Plans.

With this configuration, you can still offer to upsell experiences inside your Mighty Network by creating Internal Plans that sell access to individual Groups or Courses (or bundles of Groups and/or Courses you want to sell as a package) to members who didn’t purchase your External Bundle Plan upfront. Just keep in mind that members can only be on one External Plan at any given time. 

With either of those options, we suggest turning off the ability for anyone to create Quick Posts and only allowing Hosts and Moderators to post Articles, Polls and Questions. To change those settings, visit Network Settings > Content.

This will allow you to feature your Group or Course more prominently in your Mighty Network and allow your new members to see the content you would like for them to visit or purchase first.


If you have any more questions about how to structure your Mighty Network, check out this article or reach out to us in Host Help.

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