Does Mighty Networks Charge a Transaction Fee?

If you choose to use our payments feature, then yes, there is a small transaction fee that’s taken by Mighty Networks on every purchase. If you’re on the Business Plan, the fee is 2%, and on the Community Plan it’s 3%. 

This amount does not get passed on to the member who is purchasing, it’s simply taken out of the amount you receive directly in your connected Stripe account or via Apple payouts. Our full documentation around how you get paid can be found here.

We use Stripe as our payment processor

Stripe and most credit card companies also collect a small fee. With all purchases that members make via the web, Stripe deducts their transaction fees. These typically range between 2.5% and 5%. There are no Stripe fees for purchases made through the Mighty Networks iOS app. More details about using Stripe for your Mighty Network can be found here. Here are the countries that Stripe operates in. Note that Stripe has a restriction for cross-border accounts in Stripe India, Malaysia, Brazil, and the Philippines.

We don't support PayPal or other payment types directly in the product just yet. You can read more about how to set up Stripe here.

For purchases made through the Mighty Networks iOS app, all payments are processed using Apple In-App Purchases and these are managed via the App Store. When a member buys through iOS, Apple’s standard policy requires that they take a 15% transaction fee per each transaction. Mighty Networks does not charge a transaction fee for any iOS purchases. Also keep in mind that when you create a new plan and set up pricing for that plan, you always have the option to increase the price only on iOS, as a way to offset Apple's required fees.

*For Hosts of a Mighty Pro Network, the percentage of the iOS transaction fee will depend on whether or not your team has enrolled in the App Store Small Business Program.

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