How Do I Name My Community?

This is an easy place to get stuck. But have no fear! We’ve got you covered. 

You can play around with our Community Name Generator here, which will get your brainstorm started and offer up a few tips to guide you. Get the post-it notes ready! Here’s the basic overview:

  1. First, think about who you want to bring together.
  2. Next, what one word captures what makes them unique?
  3. Finally, what do you want these people to do together?

You can see that there’s a ton of alignment here with the concept of a Big Purpose, or the motivation for your community. In fact, we suggest you start there and then come up with your name and community brand. 

Because when you’re creating a Mighty Network, you can also automatically generate a random name right in the product sign-up flow. We’ve seen some gems come out of that process—and it’s a reminder that you can always change your name. You don’t have to have it ready to go before you start your free trial.  


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