How Does Mighty Networks Compare to Other Platforms?

In many ways: it doesn’t!

Mighty Networks is the only place where you can combine community and courses in one place (including the ability to livestream), with access via Android and iOS apps. 

It’s also the only platform where you can start from scratch and build your community or course business—and then, when you’re ready, upgrade to Mighty Pro and get your own Android and iOS apps. You’ll never have to move to another platform or explore expensive custom development, and you’ll never have to uproot your members. 

Finally, many other platforms are going to charge you more as you grow. You’ll hit member and Host caps, and have to pay more as you become more successful. Weird growth incentive, right? Not on Mighty. On all of our tiers, you’ll have unlimited members, Hosts, and Moderators. We want you to grow! 

But, we know there are a lot of other platforms on the market that claim to be viable alternatives or even superior. Trust us, we’ve seen their ads 😆. 

So we asked one of our Hosts (a seasoned creator who has tried almost everything under the sun!) to do a deep dive on all of them and compare them to Mighty, feature by feature and use case, by use case. 

Take a look at the videos. 







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