What is Community Design™?

Community Design™ is our ground-breaking framework for how to create a thriving community that’s so valuable you can charge for it, and so well-designed it practically runs itself. Over 8000 people have been through a version of our Community Design™ training and we’re constantly expanding on it and offering new opportunities to learn.  

In our current training, Community Design™,  you’ll get the “cheat codes” that will allow you to bypass the stress and complexity of designing a paid community and skip straight to engagement and revenue.

Members of Community Design™ will experience teaching sessions from Mighty’s founder and CEO, Gina Bianchini, and Live Workshopping sessions with our Director of Mighty Community, Tony Bacigalupo, and others on the Mighty team. 

Whether you define success as creating a community so valuable you can charge for or so well-designed it essentially runs itself, we’ll have the strategy, support, (and software!) to help you get from $0 to $100,000 or more per year in revenue.

There's plans, guides, templates, calendars and more—we're getting you 70% of the way there, right out of the gate. Here's a sneak peek at the curriculum.

  • How to Harness the Hero's Journey to Understand your Members
  • The 3 Traps Every Community Builder Falls Into—and How to Avoid Them
  • The 5 Elements of Community Design™
  • How to Craft Your Big Purpose (with coaching and real-time feedback)
  • How to Communicate and Use Your Story
  • How to Identify and Interview Your Ideal Members
  • How to Chart Our a Year in the Life (YIL) for Your Members
  • How to Turn Your YIL into Monthly Themes and Weekly Actions
  • How to Write A Member Profile Story
  • How to Structure Your Community to Charge $500+
  • How to Price Your Programs (with a helpful formula!)
  • Translating Your Big Purpose into Your Perfect Promise and Create a Killer Sales Page
  • Recruiting Your First Members
  • Workshopping Your Way to Growth
  • Growing Your Community to $100,000 and Beyond
  • Technical Topics Related to Running a Successful Mighty Network
  • ...and more!

With all of those resources and frameworks as well as the support and coaching from the community, Community Design™ is worth upwards of $9,000. And other courses and programs that promise to teach you how to build community, and aren’t even taught live, cost between $2,000-$4,000. We charge $349 for Community Design™ and you’ll have lifetime access to the materials, replays, and a supportive community of your peers. 

Updated February, 2023

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