Can I Add My Own Custom Terms of Use to My Mighty Network?

Hosts may add their own Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or Community Guidelines as an additional policy for members to agree to when they create accounts. 

To add your own policy, send a note via the Need Help button in your Mighty Network or send an email to with the URL link to your additional guidelines. We'll get it added within 24 hours. 

You can customize the name we add (ie: Modern Creator) with a maximum of 29 characters. The system will automatically add the word "Terms" to the end.

Below is how it will look in the footer of your landing page  on your landing page, where “Modern Creator” is the name of the Host’s agreement:


When your members create an account, they are presented with two screens.


The footer continues to show on the payment confirmation page for paid Mighty Networks: Screen_Shot_2022-10-25_at_10.43.38_AM.png

Here’s how it looks on mobile:


For members located outside of the United States, it will show three checkboxes with more specific statements based on GDPR requirements. Here is a list of countries where GDPR has been implemented.


I agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (required)

I agree to receive activity emails from this Mighty Network. I can refine or revoke this consent anytime. (opt-in)
Note: This will unsubscribe you and your members from any activity emails in their Mighty Network, such as cheers, comments, posts etc…

I agree to receive commercial emails from this Mighty Network. I can revoke this consent at any time by unsubscribing to any commercial email from this Host. (opt-in)
Note: Mighty Networks will not send marketing emails to your members. If a member opts out of this option, their email address will be still be included in your member list. There will also be a column showing "Opted out of commercial emails" and a "Yes" in that column. If you opt out as a Host, you will not receive any marketing emails from Mighty Networks.

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