Can I Livestream from My Mighty Network?

As a Network Host on any Paid Plan, you can go live in any Space where you’re also a Host. Any member will be able to join your livestream, if they have access to the Space. You can have up to nine people join onscreen for a livestream (including the Host). To learn more about multiple speakers on a livestream, check out this article. Livestreaming is available on the web, Android, and the iOS app. 

Start a Livestream

On the web, click the create menu and select "Go Live," If you have the Feed feature enabled, you can also go live from the Quick Post menu.

In the iOS and Android app, tap the "camera" icon in any Global Feature you have enabled.

In a Space, you can find the go live in three dot menu in the upper right corner.

When you go live on the web or mobile, you’ll be prompted to allow access to your camera and microphone. Next, name your livestream and choose whether to notify members about the livestream and record it. You can also select whether or not you would like your video to be mirrored.


Once you're live, you can change your camera and microphone source as well as whether or not you want your video to be mirrored. You can find these settings by selecting the gear icon in the bottom center menu.

Once you click the "Go Live Now" button, the livestream will prepare to start, then display a countdown before going live. If selected, notifications will be sent and recording of the live video will start immediately. Members will be able to easily view if multiple livestreams are happening simultaneously in your different Spaces.

On the web, in the upper left corner you’ll see an "End Livestream" button and a livestream timer. On the right, a panel includes the chat and a participant list in separate tabs. Livestream viewers will be able to type in the chat and have the option to toggle off the chat for themselves as well. The list of viewers will update in real-time.




On mobile, you will see the livestream filling the screen. At the top of the screen there will be an “End” button, options to toggle your camera and/or microphone on and off, toggle off the chat, and the ability to switch between front and rear cameras. If using the rear camera, you’ll also have the option to toggle your device’s flashlight on and off.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a viewer count icon and the chat bar. Tapping the icon will open a popup with the list of viewers. Chat messages will appear halfway up the screen before disappearing. You can scroll through the messages throughout the livestream.

To learn how to invite Speakers up to your livestream, check out this article

Screen Sharing

When going live on desktop, you will see some options at the bottom of the screen during the livestream, including the ability to toggle your camera and/or microphone on and off and the option to Share Screen.
When choosing to share your screen, depending on your browser, you may then need to grant permission and/or choose what to Share (a specific window or the entire screen). Your screen is immediately shared with participants until the session ends or you click the “Stop Sharing” button. Screen sharing is not currently available on an iPad or on Safari. On mobile you can flip your camera to show a screen.
Note: Screensharing on Safari does not work since there isn't a way to select the screen you would like to share. Please use Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser when conducting a livestream.
A note on sharing sound: If you screen share a tab on Chrome, you can share that tab’s audio, however all screen share options in other browsers will only share the video content. If you are using an External webcam and turn your computer sound up, it will pick up the sound. It will also pick it up if you just use your computer speaker and camera but not as well.




Livestream Banner

When you go live, a banner will appear at the top of the . It will show the title, a livestream of the video, and a counter of the participants. The banner will remain at the top of the feed throughout the livestream. Clicking on it will open a flyout with the livestream.


How to Join a Livestream as a Viewer

When you go live, any Host, Moderator, or member that has access to the Space where you are livestreaming can join by clicking the notification, if the Host chooses to send one, or they can click “Join Livestream” on the livestream banner at the top of the feed.

To leave the livestream, a participant can click the ‘Leave’ button in the top left corner.


End a Livestream

Clicking the “End Livestream” button will not immediately end the live stream. A pop-up will display to confirm the action.


If confirmed, viewers will see a message that the livestream has ended.

If you chose to record your livestream, the recording will be available in your Livestream Recordings on web. You will receive an email and in-app notification when it’s ready. The recording will only be available in the account of the Network Host that went live.


You will have the option to download the recording, delete it, or create an Article with the recording to share with your Mighty Network. If you would like to create an Article of your recording, then you will need to be sure that Articles are enabled in Network Settings > Content.



Once the video uploads, you will have the option to add a thumbnail image for the video in the upper right corner.


How to Schedule a Livestream

To schedule a Livestream in a Space in your Mighty Network, select the Live Video option and paste the URL for the Space as the link. Below is an example from a Livestream in Modern Creator.

Important note: A livestream on Mighty does not produce a call link like Zoom. The link to the Livestream is the Space url. In the Event Link field, you will use the url of the Space where you plan to go Live, and then members will join the stream from there.

Want to learn more about our Livestream Feature? Check out the Livestream FAQs here.

Updated May 2023

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