How Can I Share Events to the Main Activity Feed of My Mighty Network?

When on the Community Plan and higher, you may create new Events or edits Event, and you're able to post your Event to the Activity Feed.

This feature gives you flexibility around how and when members see Events in their Activity Feed. Say, for example, you are publishing several new Events for members all in one day, and you may not want to overwhelm the Activity Feed with all of these new Events. You can choose to limit which Events get posted directly to the Activity Feed.

Whether or not you decide to publish an Event to the Activity Feed, it will always display on the Events list and in the calendar view.

How to Manage When Events Are Posted to the Activity Feed

Every time you create or edit an Event, you'll see an option right at the top to choose if you want to also post in Activity Feed.

Turn this option "on" if you want this Event to also appear in the Activity Feed for your main Mighty Network (or the Group or Course the Event will be published in). When you have this turned on, your Event will show up immediately in the Activity Feed as soon as the Event is posted.


If you leave it off, it will still display on the Events list and calendar view. 

You can always come back later to Manage Event Settings for a particular Event and turn this option "on." This way, you can hold off on flooding the Activity Feed with new Events when you're initially creating them but choose at a later date which ones you want to have visible in the feed and when.

Updated July 2022

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