How Do I Manage RSVPs and Message Event Attendees in My Mighty Network?

With each Event that you create within your Mighty Network, you have the option to enable RSVPs so that members can share if they plan on attending and you as the Event creator can track RSVPs and message attendees. You also have options to restrict the Event Link or close RSVPs.

How to Enable Event RSVPs

When creating or editing any type of Event, you'll see the option to decide if you want to enable RSVPs just below the Event Type. 

Toggle this option on to allow members to select "Going," "Maybe," or "Not Going" for your Event.

When Event RSVPs are enabled, members will see a prompt on the Event post itself allowing them to RSVP for the Event, along with options to export the Event to their personal calendar and add comments.

If you choose to disable the option for members to RSVP, no options will be visible for members to RSVP and RSVP lists will not be available.

How to Restrict the Event Link

If you as the creator of the Event want to restrict access to the Event so that only members who have RSVP'd can see the Event Link (the URL or location of the online meeting), you can toggle on Restrict the Event Link, hiding the Event link unless someone has responded that they are going to this Event. This also means the Event link will remain hidden to Members who have RSVP'd "Maybe".

If you leave it off, everyone who can see the Event will have access to the Event Link, no matter what their RSVP status is.


If you are concerned about members sharing out the Event Link, these steps will ensure that only RSVP'd attendees have access:

  1. Turn on the Restrict Event Link feature 
  2. Keep the field where you add your Event Link blank until only a short period of time before the Event is slated to start
  3. Close RSVPs before the Event begins, to ensure that only members who RSVP'd "Going" will see the Event Link when you add it
  4. Add in the Event Link when you're ready

Once the Event has started, Members will no longer see the option to RSVP "Going" to access the Event link.

How to Close RSVPs

If you've enabled RSVPs and you want to preserve the current RSVP list, but remove the option for additional members to RSVP, you can Close RSVPs.

Toggle this option "on" when editing an Event and this will remove the option for additional members to RSVP. You can re-open RSVPs anytime by adjusting this setting back to "off."

How to Message Event Attendees

If you are a Host, and want to send a special message only to Event attendees, just click on the option to See All RSVPs on the Event post. From there, you'll see members segmented by "Going," "Maybe," "Not Going," and "No RSVP."

Use the "Send Message" button in the upper right corner to send a message to a particular segment of members who have or have not yet RSVP'd for the Event.


By clicking Send Message, you'll see options to send a message to members who have or have not yet RSVP'd.

You can also highlight text in the box to add simple formatting or a link.


Members who RSVP "Going" or "Maybe" to an Online Event automatically receive a reminder notification 30 minutes before the Event is about to start. For Local Events, the reminder automatically gets sent 24 hours before the Event.

Download Event RSVPs

To download the full list of Event RSVPs, click on the 3 dot menu on the Event post or within the Event RSVPs page, and select Download RSVPs.


This will trigger a link to download an Excel spreadsheet that will be emailed to you directly. This option is available to anyone who is a Host or Moderator in the space where the Event takes place, or it will be available for the Event creator if that person is not currently a Host or Moderator.

The Event RSVP List includes these fields for each member:

    • Member ID
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address (this field is visible to Space Hosts and Space Moderators, and the Network Host must have upgraded the Mighty Network to The Business Plan)
    • RSVP Status (Going, Maybe, Not Going)
    • Date RSVPed

Updated January 2023

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