How Do I Create Zoom Events on Mighty Networks?

The Zoom integration that's available within your Mighty Network enables you to connect your Zoom account directly and schedule Zoom Events right within your Mighty Network. The integration is available on web and mobile.

In order to use this option, you will need to have a Zoom account. Zoom offers a variety of plans and features, including the ability to have a free account.

Connecting Your Zoom Account

When you are creating or editing an Event in your Mighty Network, you'll see an option in the Event Type dropdown to select Zoom.

Once you've selected Zoom as the Event Type, you'll see a prompt to connect your Zoom account.

Choose "Sign In" to connect your existing Zoom account or "Create an Account" if you don't already have a Zoom account. Learn more here about the different account options Zoom has available.

In order to use the Zoom integration and ensure we can properly sync your Mighty Networks Zoom meetings to your Zoom account, you will need to accept the following agreements and confirm access. It is also possible to bypass the Zoom captcha that appears when you are connecting your account during this flow.

Scheduling a Zoom Event

Once you've successfully connected a Zoom account to your Mighty Networks account, you'll see full options for scheduling a Zoom Event.

Then, depending on what your Zoom account supports, you can select if you want to schedule a Zoom Meeting or a Zoom Webinar. Your ability to create either of these Event Types will depend on the features enabled on your Zoom account.

A Zoom Meeting offers the ability to host video conferencing and messaging with HD video and audio, recording, a chat window, and collaboration tools, with the following options:


A Zoom Webinar is ideal for virtual events where you want to offer a more formal presentation and utilize Zoom's features for scaling attendees and participation. This feature requires an additional upgrade within your Zoom account if not already enabled, and we will display this option if available within your account.

Note: For Events that use our Zoom integration, you must be the Event Creator in order to edit Event Settings. This is because the connected Zoom account is specific to the person who created the Event. If you want any Host to edit the Event, select any different Event type and paste in a Zoom link instead. Changes you make in your Mighty Network or your Zoom account should sync in close to real-time with each other.


How Members Experience the Zoom Integration

Members will see a link on the Event that points to your Zoom Event. If it's happening now, there will also be a big “Join Now” button prompting them to join.

If a member is logged in on the web and clicks on the Zoom link, they will automatically be directed to open up the Zoom app on their device in order to join the Event. We won't have a way to enable direct Zoom video embedding on the web due to limitations on the Zoom side of things.

If a member is using the Mighty Networks iOS or Android app and they tap on the Zoom link, the experience will be more integrated—the Zoom video will play right within the app, with the Zoom interface and controls visible to members.


How Zoom Accounts Work in a Mighty Network

Each person (member or Host) in your Mighty Network has the opportunity to connect a unique Zoom account to their Mighty Networks account when creating Events. If you want to limit who can create Events in your main Mighty Network or within a particular Space, you can adjust the Content Settings in that space to restrict Event creation to only Hosts and Moderators.

If you have a shared Zoom account that you want everyone who is creating Events to use, that works, too! There is no limit to how many people can connect the same Zoom account credentials. However, there are a few very important considerations to be aware of.

Important: For Events that use our Zoom integration, you must be the Event Creator in order to edit Event Settings. This is because the connected Zoom account is specific to the person who created the Event. If you want any Host to edit the Event, select the meeting link type and paste in a Zoom link instead. 

When multiple people are using the same shared Zoom account in a Mighty Network, be aware that:

  • Every person who is creating Zoom Events will need to connect that shared Zoom account to their personal account in your Mighty Network before they can use this feature.

  • You will need to ensure that there are no overlapping Zoom Events that are happening with that shared account at the same time, as Zoom does not allow multiple meetings or webinars to happen simultaneously with the same account.

  • If multiple people are using the same Zoom account and one person disconnects the Zoom integration from their personal Mighty Networks account (see below for instructions), then the Zoom integration will be disconnected for everyone who is using the same Zoom account to create Events. For this reason, we strongly recommend only sharing your Zoom credentials with co-Hosts or Moderators who you trust to keep the shared Zoom account properly connected to their Mighty Networks account.
  • If you are trying to open a Zoom link that another Host scheduled, then you may run into permission issues when opening the Zoom link. Depending on your Zoom account, meaning the plan you are on with Zoom, you have an option to add an alternate Host to an event. This will allow the alternate Host listed on the event in Zoom to be able to open the event just like any other Host. 

How to Disconnect Your Zoom Account

To disconnect your Zoom account from your Mighty Network, go to Personal Settings > Account > Zoom. From there, you will see an option to unlink your account. Just click on that button to disconnect your Zoom account.

If you ever choose to reconnect that same Zoom account, you can do so from the same place within your Personal Settings. When you reconnect the same Zoom account, it will automatically update the Zoom Events you had previously created in your Mighty Network to continue using that same account.

You can also choose to connect a different Zoom account to your Mighty Network going forward. Just note that if you have linked a Zoom account to an account in your Mighty Network and you decide to change the Zoom account or switch to connecting a new one, you will also need to make sure you are signed out of Zoom at Otherwise, when you attempt to sign into a different Zoom account it will simply re-link to the same account you are signed into on Zoom.

How Zoom Events and Settings Sync Between Your Mighty Network and

When using the Zoom integration in your Mighty Network, all Zoom meetings or webinars that you create in your Mighty Network will automatically sync to your account on This means that if you change something in the Zoom Event in your Mighty Network, it will automatically change on and vice versa.

This also means that if you schedule the same Zoom Event across two separate Mighty Networks, they will also stay in sync. Making changes to the Event on one Mighty Network will sync the same changes for the Event in the other Mighty Network and on

Finally, it's important to note that if you schedule a Zoom Event in your Mighty Network that uses your Zoom Personal Meeting ID and you adjust specific settings for that Event in your Mighty Network (such as the meeting password, recording options, etc.), it will change those default settings on as well. For example, changing the Personal Meeting ID password for a Zoom Event in your Mighty Network will also change the password on for your Personal Meeting ID and all other scheduled meetings with that Zoom account. If you are sharing the Zoom account with other Hosts or scheduling Zoom meetings with the same account across multiple Mighty Networks, the settings will change for all scheduled Events happening in all places.


Updated January 2023

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