Can I Create Repeat, Recurring Events in My Mighty Network?

Once you've upgraded your Mighty Network to The Community Plan or above, you have the opportunity to create Events that can bring your members together in real-time. 

For all Event Types that you create, you have an option to make the Event a Repeat Event which allows you to set up one Event that will exist multiple times in a series.

Repeat Events use one master Event that is displayed repeatedly with different dates as a series. This means the Event title, description, and meeting link cannot be edited for individual instances of the Event, and you will only be able to edit the master Event if you want to make changes to the series. 

If you instead want to quickly recreate the same Event in a series, but have more flexibility and options with editing the Event title and description for an individual Event, we recommend using the option to duplicate an Event.

How to Create a Repeat Event

When you are creating or editing an Event, toggle "on" the option to make it a Repeat Event under the area where you are setting the Event date and time.

You'll see options for setting up the Event to repeat daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly every 3 months, every 6 months, yearly, or at a custom time interval.



If you select the "Custom" option, you'll see additional fields for selecting a customized frequency for your Repeat Event and choosing the date you want the Repeat Event to end.


Editing a Repeat Event

If you choose to edit a Repeat Event that you have set up, you'll see two options for editing the Event: you can edit all Events in the series or edit just the instance of the Event that you chose to edit.



When you select to edit All Events in This Series, you will be able to edit the Event name, description, imagery, and more. This will change those settings for all Events in the series. Note that the Event date cannot be changed.

If you select to edit Only This Event, you will only be able to make changes to the time and date of the specific Event in the series that you had selected.

Deleting a Repeat Event

If you want to delete a Repeat Event, select the option to Delete from the 3 dot menu on one instance of the Repeat Event. From there, you'll see an option to choose if you want to delete All Events in This Series or Only This Event.

If you select to delete All Events in This Series, all Events in the series (including past, present, and future Events) will be deleted. This includes comments and RSVPs. This action cannot be undone, and all Events in the series will be permanently deleted.

If you select to delete Only This Event, only that Event in the series will be permanently deleted. You'll also see an option to message members who've RSVP'd for this particular Event when you delete it.

How Members RSVP to a Repeat Event

Members will see the option to RSVP right next to the Event details at the top of your Event, where it will also indicate if this is a Repeat Event. They can also see the full list of upcoming Events in this series toward the bottom of the Event, with an option to click through to see all Events in the series inside the calendar view


When a member clicks on "Going," "Maybe," or "Not Going," they'll see these options for how they can RSVP to this particular Repeat Event.


As a Host or the creator of the Event, you can also message attendees using the option to Message Event Members. When you select this option, you'll also see an option to message RSVPs for all Events in the series, or just the RSVPs for one instance of the Event.

Updated July 2022

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