Can I Share Posts from My Mighty Network Publicly, or on Social Media?

When a Mighty Network is public, you and your members can share any post, article, event, question, or poll.

When you click the three-dot menu on a post, you’ll see the option to “share” Click ‘share’, to see your options: share directly to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, create an email with the link to the content, or copy the link. 




If your Mighty Network is paid, private, or secret––or you are a member of a paid, private or secret Spaces within a Mighty Network––you will see the option to create an email with the link to the content, or copy the link. The content will only be available to members of that Mighty Network or Space.




Adjusting or Editing the Photo or Text of What is Shared

When sharing content from a public Network or Space on social media platforms, the link automatically displays a snippet of text and an image for the post or event being shared. This is handled via a 3rd party service and can't be edited directly. If you change the post photo, it should change in the embedded link as well.

Updated July 2022

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