How Does the Feed Work?

We now offer your Hosts the option to turn on what we call Global Features. These are Feed, Discovery, Members and Events and may appear in the upper left corner of your Mighty Network.

These Global Features aggregate all the content (posts, articles, polls, questions, and events added by your Host and other members) from Spaces (formerly Groups and Courses) that you belong to. You will also see content from public Spaces all throughout the Mighty Network. 

Your Host can also create a Featured Section for returning members that you'll see at the top of the Global Feed on each visit.

You can interact with content at the Global Feed by liking, cheering or commenting.

You will be able to create content from it that will post to a Space, without having to navigate to that Space first. On the web, it appears as a “Create” button at the top of the global feed area. On mobile, it appears as a “+” button. After clicking, it will ask you to choose a Space in which you have permission to post.



After choosing a Space, you’re then able to choose which type of content to post (based on features enabled in the Space and along with your permissions).


Once you choose the post type, it will land you in the Space to post. Think of it like a helpful shortcut to post to a Space! Hosts, moderators and members have access to this "Create" button. 


The previous Activity Feed (formerly known as Home) is in a new Space that we named Home for your Host. They may have renamed it, so check with them if you have any specific questions!

Space Feed

In addition to the Global Feed, we also have a Feed feature that can live in a Space! It may have been renamed by your Host, but you will see the option to post to it. You can create content from there that will live in that Space like Quick Posts, Articles and more!


Hashtags organize you and other members’ content and activity. Each post or activity can be tagged with multiple hashtags. To learn more, check out “ How Do I Use Hashtags in My Mighty Network?”

To learn more about the changes, feel free to check out this article or reach out to your Host for more information! 


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