Can I Run Facebook Ads to My Mighty Network?

Once you've upgraded to the Business Plan or Mighty Pro, you have the option to add additional tracking and integrations to your Mighty Network—including your own Facebook Pixel that you can use for tracking conversions from ads.

The event we track through Facebook Pixel is ‘CompleteRegistration’ which means the member joins your Mighty Network. This tracking is available for any ads that you run to your Mighty Network on the web.

To get your own Facebook tracking pixel added to your Mighty Network, all you need to do is reach out directly to our team using the priority support channel directly within your Mighty Network. Send us the specific Facebook pixel number you would like to use (no need to send us the code—just the number!) and we can get the pixel added to your Mighty Network on the backend within a day.

To access the priority support channel within your Mighty Network, just click on the "Host Help" button that you see in the bottom right corner when you're logged in on the web, or click on "Help" from the profile menu in the upper right corner.

You may see that an additional Facebook Pixel displays on the web for your Mighty Network (ending in 9226), and this can be ignored. Mighty Networks only uses this to track conversions when new Hosts create networks, and this data is not shared or utilized anywhere else.


Updated July 2022

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