What's Mighty Networks Privacy Policy?

At Mighty Networks, we take privacy and data security very seriously, and we have done extensive work to ensure that your Mighty Network is GDPR and CCPA compliant and your data (and your members' data) is stored securely. 

Our Privacy Promise

Hosts have complete control over the content they add and the information they share within their own Mighty Network. We do not censor content or remove content, provided you and your members are participating within our Terms of Use.

You may also add your own Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or Community Guidelines as a third policy for your members to agree with when they create accounts. Send us a note via Host Help with the URL link to your additional guidelines, your Mighty Network URL, and the title you want to appear in 30 characters or less. We'll get it added in a day. 

As the Host of a Mighty Network, you have the ability to choose the privacy settings you want to enable for your community. Communities that are private, secret, or paid are completely locked down and non-members (including search engines) cannot see the content, memberships, and conversations inside your Mighty Network.

If you choose to make your Mighty Network private or secret, only members with an invite will be able to join. You as the Host of your community also have the power to remove a member or ban them at any point.

Mighty Networks and Your Members

Mighty Networks will never email your members with any marketing communications outside of the notifications they opt into that come from your community when they join. If there are notable changes to the Mighty Networks Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, members will receive an email notice from Mighty Networks.

Occasionally, you as a Host may receive communications from our team about feature updates and announcements, but those emails will only go out to folks who are Hosts and creators of their own Mighty Networks. Only you as the Host (or anyone else on your team who is listed as a Host) should be getting those emails.

Mighty Networks Policies

Please visit the links below to view the full text of our policies and terms of use documents.

Mighty Networks Terms of Use

Mighty Networks Privacy Policy

Mighty Networks Acceptable Use Policy

Mighty Networks Copyright Policy

Mighty Networks Trademark Policy

Mighty Networks Cookie Policy

List of Mighty Networks Subprocessors

Mighty Networks GDPR Summary

Mighty Networks EU / EEA / UK Privacy Notice

Mighty Networks EU Data Processing Addendum

Mighty Networks EU Data Processing Addendum Schedule 1

Mighty Networks California Privacy Notice

Mighty Networks California Data Processing Addendum

Data Security on Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks takes data security very seriously, and our engineers complete regular API reviews and code reviews to address security issues upfront. In addition, a full suite of tests runs in our Continuous Integration (CI) systems to verify the security measures that have been put in place continue to function on an ongoing basis.

Our core team includes engineers with security training from Microsoft and Symantec (among others), experienced in threat modeling and security reviews. They bring this experience to bear when reviewing the work of other engineers and making security decisions.

If you have more questions about our security policies, please reach out to us directly.

Updates July 2022

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