How Do I Charge for Access to My Mighty Network?

Our Plans feature lets you charge for (1) access to your Mighty Network, (2) access to Courses and/or Groups within your Mighty Network,  or (3) with Bundle Plans, a combination of any three. 

Marketing Your Plans

Each Plan has its own internal and external sales pages that let you showcase an amazing pitch for your Course, Group, or Bundle Plan you are selling on your Mighty Network. Plus, you can promote paid Courses and/or Groups to your members directly in their Activity Feed via the Welcome Checklist and Featured Sections


A Few Important Details About Charging for Access

What you can charge for within your Mighty Network depends on whether you are on The Community Plan, The Business Plan, or Mighty Pro

For example, Hosts on the Community Plan can charge for access to individual Groups in their Mighty Network or bundles of Groups. However, in order to create and sell Courses within your Mighty Network, you'll need to first upgrade to The Business Plan.

In all cases, your members will have the option to purchase plans that you create on the web and the iOS app. This article will show you an overview of how your members purchase a plan across all three platforms.

How to Structure Payments in Your Mighty Network

Before you get started with setting up your first Plans, we recommend reviewing this helpful guide to setting up payments in your Mighty Network, so you have a solid plan for how you want to organize premium offerings for your members.

And you can find the full set of documentation around all things payments right here!

Updated July 2022

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