What Happens When Members of My Mighty Network are Past Due on their Payments?

If you have payments enabled in your Mighty Network and at least one of your plans available to purchase as a subscription plan, your Members will have a card on file that will be charged whenever their monthly or annual subscription automatically renews. In addition, your Member will receive an email notification 3 days before their subscription is up for renewal:


If someone's card expires or is no longer processing payment, their membership enters into a past due state. But don't worry, our system will automatically prompt them to update their card during a designated grace period. You don't need to chase them down for payment! Keep reading for more about how that all works.

How Past-Due Members Are Prompted to Update Their Card Details

As soon as someone's payment fails to go through, a grace period begins. During the grace period, the following actions will happen:

  • The Member will move into "Past Due" state, and this will be visible next to their name in Payments > Your Plans within the plan they are on.
  • When the Member is signed in, they will see a banner along the bottom of the screen that prompts them to update their card details during the grace period. The prompt points them directly to the place where they can update their card.

For those who purchased a plan originally on the web (and their payment is processed through your Stripe account), there is a 7-day grace period. The same is true for members that are on a Free Trial of a plan. These actions will happen during the grace period:

  • If they do not update their card details during the grace period, Mighty Networks will automatically send 3 email notifications to the member prompting them to update their card details over the course of 7 days. We use machine learning algorithms to determine the best times for sending these emails throughout the grace period. 
  • After the first failed payment, Mighty Networks (via your Stripe account) will automatically retry payment one day after the first failed payment, then every two days again until hitting day 7.


For those who purchased originally on an iOS device, there is a 16-day grace period and Apple automatically handles all billing notifications through the App Store.

What Happens When a Past-Due Payment Goes Through

As soon as the Member updates their card details and the charge goes through, their next billing date will not change—it will remain the same as their original billing date.

What Happens When a Past-Due Payment Doesn't Go Through

If a member does not update their card details during the grace period, they will lose access to the plan on day 7. If they want to regain access at any point in the future, they will need to purchase a new plan and update their card details in the process. 

What Happens When a Past-Due Member Cancels Their Plan

If a member chooses to cancel their plan while in a past due state, the cancellation will take place immediately and they will lose access to that plan.

Updated July 2022

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