Can I Change My Prices?

This article covers specifics related to making pricing updates to your plans and moving members between plans, along with guidelines for making changes to the privacy or payment settings for an existing group or course in your Mighty Network. 

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How to Raise Prices for New Members

At times, you may want to change the price for a specific plan that you're offering in your Mighty Network, but keep existing members on the same plan they purchased when they first joined.

To raise your prices for new members who want to purchase access to your Mighty Network, access to an individual group or course you're selling, or access to a package of groups and/or courses that you're selling as a Bundle Plan, all you need to do is switch the current Visible Plan that's available for purchase to Hidden. Then, create a new Visible Plan at a different price point that will be visible to people who haven't yet purchased access to that area. Existing members who purchased at the old price point will stay on the Hidden Plan, and any new members who purchase will be on the new Visible Plan that you created.

How to Raise Prices for Existing Members

If instead you want to increase prices for everyone across the board (both existing members on a plan as well as new members who choose to purchase that plan), there are a couple of extra steps that you need to take. 

First, you will need to deactivate the plan that your existing members are on. As outlined in this article, deactivating a plan is permanent and it means this plan will no longer be available for anyone to purchase. As soon as you take this action, everyone who was on that plan will be removed from the plan going forward. 

If you need to download your Plan Member List, be sure to do that before deactivating your Plan.

Next, go ahead and create a new Visible Plan. When existing members come back to access what they previously purchased, they will be prompted to purchase the new Visible Plan at the new price. All new members going forward will also see the new plan that you set up.

It's currently not possible to simply move members from one plan to another plan with a higher price point without warning, which is why we recommend deactivating the plan they're currently on and then creating a new plan they will see and can purchase again the next time they come back. 

Moving Members to a Different Plan

When you move a member to another plan, the plan you move them to must meet the following conditions:

  • The new plan must be free or have the same subscription interval (monthly or annual).
  • The new plan must be at the same price or at a lower price.
  • The new plan must be targeted at the same audience (either an Internal Audience or an External Audience). Go here to learn more about how these two options differ.
  • Member cannot be on a free trial for their current plan.

Then, as soon as you move them to the new plan, the following will happen:

  • The member will have their existing subscription canceled effective on the next billing date.
  • The member will start their subscription on the new plan at the end of the billing period for their current subscription.
  • An email notification will be sent to the member informing them that their plan has changed.

To move someone from one plan to another, just go to Network Settings > Payments > Plans and select the plan they are currently on. Under the Plan Members tab, you'll see the list of members currently on that plan.

From here, you can use the three dot menu next to someone's information to move them to another plan. Just select the option that says "Move to Plan."


Changing the Privacy and Payment Settings for an Existing Group or Course

If you have an existing Public, Private, or Secret Group or Course in your Mighty Network and you want to make it paid going forward for new members who join, it's easy to make this transition.

In this case, all existing members of your group or course will continue to be free members as soon as you create a new paid plan. Our system will automatically generate a free, hidden plan for all of these members. You can decide at any point if you want to deactivate that plan or remove individual members from the free plan so they'll be prompted to pay the next time they come back. The members who will be moved to the hidden free plan will not receive a notification via email or push notification about the move.

If you have a paid group or course within your Mighty Network and you want to move it to being free and public, private, or secret, you can deactivate all paid plans that grant access to that group and/or course. Then you can change the privacy setting for the appropriate groups and/or courses using Group Settings or Course Settings. Note: As with deactivating any paid plan, this will remove all payments being collected from the plans immediately. 

If you need to download your Plan Member List, be sure to do that before deactivating your Plan.

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