How Do I Create an External Landing Page to Advertise a Plan?

When you create a plan that's targeted for an External Audience (see more here about how how to create this type of plan), you have the option to send prospective members to an external landing page that advertises this plan.

This landing page is viewable by people who are not yet members of your Mighty Network, and it can be created for any Visible or Hidden External Plan that you've created.

How to Create a Link to Your External Landing Page

To create the link for the landing page that advertises an External Plan in your Mighty Network, go to Network Settings > Payments > Plans.


From here, click on the External Plan you want to create an external landing page for.

Under the Share Plan tab, you will see an option to create a share link.

Once you do, you will see two different links:

Plan Landing Page Link: will direct paying members to the landing page of the plan.

Where members will be able to purchase the plan through a full-width, beautifully formatted landing page on the web that includes the image or video that you used to showcase this plan or your overall Mighty Network, the description, sales pitch, and benefits that you set up when you created the plan, and a prompt to purchase.


Plan Checkout Page - will direct members to the checkout page for the plan. This can be great option if you are using an external website like ClickFunnels. This link will take them directly to the checkout page for the plan.

A Share Link allows people to purchase this plan (and join your Mighty Network if they haven't already) from a link that takes them directly to the plan – Visible or Hidden.

A few important things to keep in mind when it comes to using your Share Link to advertise a plan to prospective members:

  • It's not currently possible to create a landing page for an Internal Plan (a plan that sells access to one or more groups and/or courses within your Mighty Network). This is something we plan to add, and we'll get there! If you want to advertise an Internal Plan to prospective members, we recommend creating your own marketing landing pages or informational pages outside of your Mighty Network.
  • An external landing page will only be accessible via your Share Link if you have a paid Mighty Network (meaning you have an active Network Membership Plan set up that's currently either Hidden or Visible).
  • If you want to preview your external landing page yourself before you send the Share Link to someone, we recommend opening the URL on an incognito or private browsing session in your preferred web browser. Make sure you aren't currently signed in to your Mighty Network, and you should be able to see what the landing page looks like for a prospective member.

Go here to learn more about how to use Share Links to invite members to sign up and pay for access to all types of plans—including Visible Plans, Hidden Plans, External Plans, and Internal Plans.

Updated March 2023


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