Invite Members to Purchase Plans

Hosts can create special Share Links that will allow you to invite existing members or potential members to sign up and pay for access to all types of plans—including Visible Plans, Hidden Plans, External Plans, and Internal Plans.

Share Links for Internal or External Audiences

For plans you create for an External Audience (meaning the plan includes a Network Membership), they will be available for a non-member to purchase on your main Mighty Network's landing page once you make a plan Visible.

  • A Share Link that points to an External Plan will send someone to your external landing page for that plan. Anyone you share this special link with will be able to purchase this plan though a full-width, beautifully formatted landing page on the web that includes the image or video that you used to showcase this plan or your overall Mighty Network, the description, sales pitch, and benefits that you set up when you created the plan, and a prompt to purchase.

For any plan you create for an Internal Audience (meaning you are selling access to groups or courses within your Mighty Network to existing members), you'll also be able to create Share Links so that members can easily see and purchase these plans.

  • A Share Link that points to an Internal Plan works just like a direct invite link from a Host. No matter if the plan is set to be Hidden or Visible, when a member clicks on the link they will be able to see the details about that plan and purchase it.
  • Someone who is not yet a member of your Mighty Network will be prompted to sign up and join your Mighty Network first before they can purchase this Internal Plan. If your Mighty Network is private or secret, this Share Link will act just like a direct invite and they will be allowed to join your Mighty Network without any approval required. After they create an account, they'll land on your main Mighty Network's activity feed. Then, a page will open up that shows them how to purchase the Internal Plan you shared.

Each plan can also be designated as Visible or Hidden.

  • A Visible Plan is available for members or non-members to purchase.
  • A Hidden Plan is not available for anyone to purchase unless they have been invited to purchase it via the special Share Link.

How to Create a Share Link

First, go to Network Settings > Get Paid > Plans and select a Plan.


Under the Share Plan tab, you will see an option to create a Share Link for this plan. A Share Link allows people to purchase this plan (and join your Mighty Network if they haven't already) from a very special link that takes them directly to the plan, whether it's set to be Visible or Hidden.


Create a Share Link for a Hidden Plan

This video walks you through the process of creating a Share Link for a Hidden Plan. This is the perfect way to offer a discount to a special group of people, or invite someone to purchase at a price that's different from the price that's publicly visible in your Mighty Network.


One thing to keep in mind when you send someone a Share Link for a Hidden Plan is that if someone closes the page before purchasing, it will disappear. They will need to click on your Share Link again to see the Hidden Plan.

If you ever need to generate a new Share Link for a Hidden Plan and make the previous one you created invalid, just click on the gear icon next to the link. This will allow you to delete the old link and create a new one that can be shared out.

Share Links for Plans vs. Invite Share Links

If you have the Ambassador Program switched on, each one of your members has a unique referral link they can use to invite new people to join your Mighty Network. For paid Mighty Networks that have an active Network Membership Plan that people can purchase, this link will take someone to your main landing page where they'll see all options publicly available for purchase. If your Mighty Network is set to be private, invited members will bypass any approval processes and automatically be able to sign up and join. Because the Ambassador Program rewards your members for referring new people to your Mighty Network via the Invite Share Link, this type of Share Link has tracking enabled.

Share Links that point to a Visible or Hidden Plan that you are selling within your Mighty Network are different because they can only be created by a Host. These types of links also do not have the same tracking capabilities as the Invite Share Link that each member gets if you have the Ambassador Program turned on.

If you have further questions about how these links work, or how to invite someone to purchase a Visible or Hidden Plan, please reach out to us directly and we’ll help you sort things out.