How Do I Create an External Share Link for my Paid Plans on Mighty Networks?

Our Plans feature lets you charge for Spaces within your Mighty Network, access to your Mighty Network, or a bundle of all three.

You can generate a special Share Link to invite people to access each Plan type

  • A Visible Plan is available for members or non-members to purchase.

  • A Hidden Plan is not available for anyone to purchase unless they have been invited to purchase it via the special Share Link.

  • An External Plan is one that's available to people who are not yet members of your Mighty Network.

  • An Internal Plan is one that's available to only members of your Mighty Network.

How to Create a Share Link

Only Network Hosts can create Share Links to Plans. To do so, go to Network Settings > Payments > Plans and select a Plan.

Under the Share Plan tab, you will see an option to create a share link.

Once you do, you will see two different links:


Plan Landing Page Link: will direct paying members to the landing page of the plan.


Plan Checkout Page - will direct members to the checkout page for the plan.


A Share Link allows people to purchase this plan (and join your Mighty Network if they haven't already) from a link that takes them directly to the plan – Visible or Hidden.

Create a Share Link for a Hidden Plan

A Hidden Plan is how you'll create a special price or discount for a Plan.

If you send someone a Share Link for a Hidden Plan and they close the sales page before purchasing, it will disappear. They will need to click on the Share Link again to see the Hidden Plan.

For more details, check out this article.

Deactivate a Share Link for a Hidden Plan

If you ever need to deactivate a Share Link for Hidden Plan because you want to prevent people from using it to join that Plan, just click Delete All Links. There will be a pop up to confirm that you would like to delete them. At this time, there isn't a way to delete one share link, you will need to delete all. This will invalidate any share links that exist and generate new ones.


This will allow you to delete the old link and generate a new one that can be shared out.

Share Links for Internal or External Audiences

A Share Link that points to an External Plan will send someone to either your external plan page or to the checkout page for the plan, depending on which share link you copy. Anyone you share this special link with will be able to purchase this plan through a full-width, beautifully formatted sales page that includes your sales pitch and benefits you add when you create a plan, and a prompt to purchase.

A Share Link that points to an Internal Plan works just like a direct invite link. No matter if the plan is set to be Hidden or Visible, when a member clicks on the link they will be able to see the details about that plan. When a non-member sees an Internal Plan, they'll be prompted to join your Mighty Network before they can purchase.

If your Mighty Network is private or secret, the Internal Plan Share Link will allow them to join your Mighty Network without additional approval. After they create an account, they'll land in your Mighty Network. Then, a page will open up that shows them how to purchase the Internal Plan you shared.

Share Links and Invite Links

Please note that Share Links to Plans are different that Invite Links to Spaces:

  • A Share Link for a Plan can be updated (depending on the privacy setting you have set).

  • An Invite Link will give access to anyone who clicks on it, and an Invite Link may be given to anyone else. An Invite Link cannot be updated.

We thus encourage Hosts to use the Share Link for a Plan instead of the Invite link for a Space.

Share Links and Your Ambassador Program

If you have the Ambassador Program switched on, each one of your members has a unique referral link to invite new members. For paid Mighty Networks, the Ambassador program link will take a prospective member to your Mighty Network's Landing Page, where they'll see all options publicly available for purchase. When the new member pays and joins, the referral will be tracked.

A member cannot create a Share Link to a Plan, nor is there a way to track a member sharing a Link to a Plan. This is where the Ambassador Program is not a formal Affiliate Program with financial tracking and payouts for referrals.

If you have further questions about how these links work, or how to invite someone to purchase a Visible or Hidden Plan, please drop us a note.

Updated December 2022

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