Create Bundle Plans

If you want to sell access to several experiences with a single plan, you can do this by creating Bundle Plans.

A Bundle Plan allows you to bundle together multiple groups and/or courses that you want to sell together as a package. There are also Bundle Plans you can create that will let you include access to your overall Mighty Network, too, if you want to sell a bundle to people who are not yet members of your Mighty Network.

How to Create a Bundle Plan

First, go to Network Settings > Get Paid to begin the process of creating a new plan that you want to sell. This article has a full video tutorial and walkthrough of how that works, no matter the type of plan you're creating.

One of the first things you'll be prompted to do is choose a target audience for the new plan you're creating.

You'll see two options for the audience you want to target when you create a new plan:

  • External Audience (Non-Members): This option will allow you to market and sell access to your overall Mighty Network to people who are not yet members. Network Membership will always be included with an External Plan.
  • Internal Audience (Members): This option lets you create plans that existing members of your Mighty Network can purchase. Choose this option if you want to make a group or course available for your existing Mighty Network members to purchase.

Once you choose the audience you want to target with your new plan, you'll be prompted to select what you want to sell.

If you choose the option to Sell a Bundle, this grants someone access to more than one area of your Mighty Network with just one purchase.

You can sell two different types of Bundles:

  • An External Bundle Plan includes Network Membership (access to your overall Mighty Network for a non-member) bundled together with access to one or more courses and/or groups that exist within your Mighty Network.
  • An Internal Bundle Plan grants access to two or more courses and/or groups within your Mighty Network that you want to sell to existing members (anyone who already has a Network Membership).

One thing to keep in mind is that when you're targeting an External Audience (non-members of your Mighty Network) with a Bundle Plan that you're creating, including a Network Membership is required. This means that you can *only* sell an External Bundle Plan to this audience.

Once you've determined who you want to target and what you want to sell, you'll be prompted to create your plan and customize each element, from how much you want to charge to how you describe the plan to a new member.

Here's a snapshot of what this page looks like:


Customizing Your Plan

Each time you create a new Bundle Plan, you'll see several fields that need to be filled out. Once you select exactly which groups and/or courses you want to sell as a package, you need to choose a pricing type, select the price you want to sell this plan for, and fill out some descriptive information so that your members have a clear idea of what they are about to purchase.

Here's a breakdown of each step:

Pricing Type
There are three different types of pricing plans you can set up:

One-Time Payment: A member will pay only once to gain access to the areas this plan grants access to. They'll continue to get access as long as they have an active membership in your Mighty Network.

Subscription: With this option, a member will select a monthly or annual subscription. They retain access to the areas this plan grants access to as long as they continue paying the subscription price. You have the option to charge members a monthly fee, an annual fee, or select between a monthly and annual subscription. When you offer both a monthly and annual subscription, we recommend giving members a small discount for choosing the annual option, and the savings will be clearly shown. You also have the option to add a free trial (more details here).

Free: A member will not be charged when they are on a free plan, and they will be able to access the areas this plan grants access to as long as they remain on this plan. They will not be prompted to enter a credit card or provide payment details.

When you choose how much your plan will cost, keep in mind that the price(s) you select for a plan will be consistent across the web, on iOS, and on Android. The same price will appear to members across all three platforms to ensure that everyone has a consistent experience, no matter how they choose to access your Mighty Network. (One exception: you have the option to set a separate, increased price just for iOS purchases—see below!)

Increase Price for Purchases through the iOS app (Optional)
Because Apple takes a 30% cut of all purchases made on the iOS app (go here to read more about how you get paid and applicable fees), you do have the option to set a separate, increased price just for iOS purchases. In this case, the price you set for purchases made through the iOS app will only show on iOS devices.

Plan Name
This is the name that's displayed to members when they see the option to purchase this Bundle Plan. It's also the name they see when they go to manage their purchases

Target Audience
Your Target Audience was already set based on the previous steps that you took when creating a new plan, so it cannot be changed here.

Image or Video
Add an image or video that will be visible at the top of your plan page. Keep scrolling for an example of how this will look for your members!

Sales Pitch
This is a short tagline that appears alongside the plan name. Use this space to share with members why they should buy this plan.

Benefits List
Create a bulleted list highlighting the benefits your members will receive when they choose this plan. We recommend adding at least three!

For all Bundle Plans (both Internal and External), you'll see an option to fill out a custom description that will allow you to describe in detail what someone is going to get when they purchase this plan. This area has a full WYSIWYG option available so you can add images, formatted text, multiple sections, and more.

Connecting to Stripe and Submitting Your Plan for Review

To make sure you get paid, we process all payments through Stripe, a secure third-party payment processor. If you haven't already done this yet, you can connect your existing Stripe account to your Mighty Network very easily, or follow their instructions to create a new account with Stripe.

Here's more information about how to Connect Stripe to your Mighty Network and all that entails.

Submitting Your Plan for Approval

Once you've filled out all the steps above, you'll see a preview of how your new Bundle Plan will look to your members. Then, it's time to submit your new plan!

Because each plan you create will be available as an in-app purchase on iOS, our friends at Apple require that all new plans be reviewed and approved before they can be sold. Just follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to submit your plan, and we'll handle the rest. New plans typically take up to 7 days to be approved, and you will be notified as soon as your plan is ready to go live.

Making a Plan Visible Once It Is Approved

Once you get a notification that your plan is approved, it will automatically show up when you go to Network Settings > Get Paid > Plans. This is also where you'll see a full list of all the plans you've created along with options to manage your plans.


By default, all new plans are marked as Hidden as soon as they are approved. Before your new plan can be available for purchase on the web, iOS, and Android, you need to make it Visible.

  • A Hidden Plan is not available for anyone to purchase unless they have been invited to purchase it via a special Share Link.
  • A Visible Plan is available for people to purchase. Non-members will be able to purchase plans that you create for an External Audiences (meaning the plan includes a Network Membership) from your Mighty Network's landing page as soon as your plan is visible. This applies to internal plans as well. Once visible, all members of your Mighty Network can see and purchase this plan

How Your Bundle Plan Appears to Members

When a member goes to purchase your new Bundle Plan, they see a beautiful page with all the details about why they should purchase this plan.

Here's an example of how this looks on the web if someone wants to purchase an Internal Bundle Plan for a $15.99 per month subscription:


And here's how that same Bundle Plan will look on iOS:



For a full tutorial of how to create any type of new plan for members to buy, check out this article.