Learn About Mighty Pro

Mighty Pro is described here, and it's designed to be an alternative to doing your own custom app development (which makes it more expensive relative to our other plans). Mighty Pro gives you and your community your own native mobile apps on iOS and Android (as well as the web) to market to directly under your own brand.


Mighty Pro is the ideal solution for many brands and businesses because it generates results. Just a few of the actual successes our Mighty Pro Hosts have achieved in the past year include:

  • Doubling to 90,000 members in one month with Mighty Pro
  • Selling four-figure annual memberships with Mighty Pro
  • Delivering a #1 New York Times bestseller via community pre-sales
  • Launching a new seven-figure revenue stream with online courses and Mighty Pro
  • Increasing sponsorship dollars by 30%—turns out choosing Mighty Pro lets our Hosts look bigger and further along than they were at that particular moment, which led to a new deal

These results aren’t achieved by magic or by software alone. At Mighty Networks, we marry the right software with a proven strategy we call Community Design that’s been forged over hundreds of thousands of thriving communities. This 1-2 punch of software and strategy will make your Mighty Pro community so valuable you can charge for it, and so well-designed that it will essentially run itself. 


If you want to explore what's possible, you can preview what your brand will look like when you choose Mighty Pro. Our preview feature is a great way to visualize how Mighty Pro can take your brand to the next level.

And if you’d like to learn more, just send us your information on this page and someone from our team will be in touch very soon!