How Do I Schedule Posts in My Mighty Network?

For any content that you create in your Mighty Network (including Quick PostsArticlesEventsPolls, and Questions) you can schedule the post to show at a later date and time. 

In order to schedule a post, you must be the Space Host or Space Moderator of the Space.

How to Schedule a Post

On the web, you can schedule something to publish later by clicking on the down arrow next to the Post button > Schedule Post. 


When you schedule a post, you'll also see an option to decide if you want to "Notify All Members" as soon as the post is live. If you choose to not send a notification, your post will simply show up in the feed and members will find it via search or in the hashtag you've tagged the post with.

You can see which posts you have set to "Notify All" by going to Scheduled Posts:


Note that the Host who creates and schedules the post won’t see a notification in their own mobile or email notifications when their post goes live.


How to Find Your Scheduled Posts

You can find all of the posts that have been scheduled within your Mighty Network by going to Your Profile > Scheduled Posts.

On that, page, you'll see a list view of all the posts that are scheduled to be published. To edit the post or change the schedule date and time, just click on it to open up the editor. 

Updated April 2023

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