The Mighty Checklist

The Mighty Checklist is comprised of 10 steps that will make setting up your new Mighty Network super easy. You can find it by opening up your Network Settings (it’s the very first option on the list).

Here it is:


 What's on the Mighty Checklist?

  1. Add Your Welcome Article. Having a Welcome Article is an easy way to share a quick tour and let new members know what they can get from joining your Mighty Network. In your Mighty Checklist, you’ll find a template tailored for you that you can customize and publish in minutes. Or, go wild and create your own. When you’re done, pin it to your Welcome Section so that new members will see it at the top of their home feed.
  2. Add Your Member Guidelines. This is another article template that outlines specific guidelines for how you want your members to interact with others in your community. Call it your Member Guidelines, Rules of the Road, or The Fine Print. The key is to make your own!
  3. Add Your “Why” Article. Our most successful Mighty Networks capture why they exist and what they want people to get from joining in a WHY Article. You’ll find a template tailored for you that you can use to get started. Or, go ahead and create your own.
  4. Choose Topics. Topics will help you keep the content and conversations in your Mighty Network organized. Plus, members who follow the same Topics will be instantly introduced to each other in the feed. Our most successful Mighty Networks have between six and ten Topics, and each one represents a specific area of interest that members want to dive into together.You can also set up Topics that only you and other Hosts can contribute to.
  5. Set Up Member Categories. Member Categories is a feature that lets your members find each other based on similarities they share in common. With Member Categories set up, you don’t have to do as much work to introduce people to each other—it happens automatically in the feed. Talk about a win-win.
  6. Ask an Icebreaker Question. The Icebreaker Question will be the first thing people see after they join. It’s our most popular way to get folks contributing right off the bat. Your Mighty Checklist includes a template for kicking things off with one of our favorite icebreakers. You can also create your own, or steal more of our favorites from this list.
  7. Add Your First Multiple Choice Poll. By far, Multiple Choice Polls are the most popular way that members in a Mighty Network like to contribute. Fun fact: polls produce 10x the engagement of any other feature! We’ve got a template in your Mighty Checklist for one of our most popular polls. Or, go ahead and create your own.
  8. Add a Hot Cold Poll. A Hot Cold Poll will give your members the option to answer a question on a sliding positive or negative scale. It’s a fun way to ask people how they feel about a controversial topic or an upcoming decision you want to make. Like other polls, these are 10x more popular among members than any other feature! If you need some inspiration to get the wheels turning, we included a template in your Mighty Checklist. Or, you can see a list of our favorites here.
  9. Organize Your First Event. Our most popular Mighty Networks launched with a kick-off event—either online or in-person—where members could meet each other in real-time. Hosts often follow up with an ongoing event or check-in that’s organized at the same time every week. This is your chance to launch with a bang. 
  10. Finalize Your Landing Page. Your Landing Page is the front door to your new Mighty Network. We’ve filled in the basics, but you can bring it to life with a photo (or better yet, a personal video) plus a bit more about you and your goals. Need help telling your story? Check out The Mighty Guide to Your Landing Page.

Then, invite in your first members.

With your initial posts set up, Topics organized, and an Icebreaker Question front and center, you’re ready to invite in your first members. Add team members, friends, or your strongest fans or followers to get started. Remember: your Mighty Network will get more valuable with each new person who joins.