How to Charge for Courses and Groups Using Zapier

With a Mighty Network, you have the opportunity to more deeply engage the members in your community through offering premium experiences in Courses or Groups.

If you want to start generating revenue from your Mighty Network by charging your members for access to private Courses or Groups, the easiest way to do that today is by setting up a Zapier integration that will instantly allow you to take payments and then invite members into the premium experiences you've created inside a private (or secret) Course or Group.

While we work on adding our own integrated payment options for Courses and Groups, we created this easy-to-setup workaround that lets you start making money today. Keep in mind that this requires a couple different new integration points within your Mighty Network, which means you'll need to set up a few external services. On the plus side, you'll be quickly on your way to generating revenue through offering premium content, classes, or experiences for your members!

How This Works Today

First things first, make sure you’ve upgraded your Mighty Network to Mighty Business so that you have access to our Zapier integration and the ability to create Courses

With our new Zapier integration points, you can then:

  • Create a private or secret Course or a private or secret Group within your Mighty Network and charge members for access
  • Set up one or more landing pages for your Course or Group
  • Add a shopping cart to your landing page that will allow you to charge for access to the private or secret Course or Group that you created
  • Automate invites, payments, and onboarding for your members—so that you can focus on creating rich, engaging experiences in your private Course or Group!

This guide and the videos we've shared below will break down exactly how to set all of this up with a few tools that we recommend using. 

Note: For the process we describe in the video above and in the steps outlined below, you’re going to need to set up four separate accounts outside of your Mighty Network: Stripe, Memberful, Zapier, and Mailchimp. In addition to having a Mighty Network on Mighty Business, you will also need to upgrade your Memberful account to the Pro tier, which is $25/month (you won't be able to accept any money for your Course until you pay the $25/month subscription). Zapier is free to get started, but there are limits on the number of Zaps when you're using the free plan. Mailchimp is free to use for a limited number of subscribers and Stripe only charges minimum credit card fees to use the service.

If you are already using a shopping cart service like ThriveCart or SamCart in your business, it's possible to set up Zapier payments with those services, too! Just scroll down past our step-by-step instructions below to watch a video tutorial where we walk you through how the process works if you are already using a different service for collecting payments.

Okay! Let's dive into how it all works.

Step One: Set Up a Memberful Account

Head over to and set up an account.

Click on New Plan and enter your Course Information (Name, Price, etc.). Be sure to choose the type of Plan type you want to use to charge for your Course. You can choose from Standard (monthly payments) or Lifetime (indefinite, one-time payment).

NOTE: Your course/group name on Memberful needs to match with your course/group ID. Next are the steps you'll need to follow to get that ID easily on Zapier.

Step Two: Head Over to Zapier

Click on Make a Zap in the top right hand corner. We’re going to skip the trigger for now, and set up the Zapier "Action." Choose the Mighty Networks app. Then select Invite Members as your action.

On the next page, you’re going to set up an invitation using the information collected by Mailchimp that will be sent to your members who purchase the Course. Under Email Address, choose "Email Address" from the dropdown menu. Next, type in the invite message you want to send your members. From the last dropdown section, you want to choose the appropriate Course from your Mighty Network.

Zapier will ask you to connect an account. If you haven’t done that yet, here's our rundown of exactly how to tackle this. Otherwise, select the Connect an Account button and click on Save and Continue.


Once you reach the step called Set up Template, you will access the dropdown menu under the label Network, Group, or Course. Click on the downward arrow, and next to your Course/Group name you will see the ID. This is all we need for now from this Zap.


 Step Three: Head Back to Memberful

From the last dropdown section, you want to choose the appropriate Course from your Mighty Network. In this example, we’re going to choose Standard, so we can show you later how to set up a Zap for when your member cancels. We’re going to charge $5/month for our Course (of course, you can charge whatever you want!).


When you click Create Plan, you’ll see the "Plan Purchase Link," which is what you’ll want to embed on your landing page when we get to that step.


From your Dashboard, go to Settings in the top right hand corner. From there, you’ll want to go to Payment tab > Connect with Stripe (make sure you’ve already signed up for a Stripe account!). From here, you’ll enter your information and business details in Stripe.

Step Four: Integrate Mailchimp with Memberful.

Next, go back to Memberful Settings > Integrate > Services. Connect to Mailchimp.


In the "Choose a list" dropdown, make sure to choose your Mighty Network. Then, click on Import Members and Connect to sync things up. Note: Whatever changes you make in Mailchimp will not transfer to Memberful. For example, if you choose to delete a member later on, you have to do it in Memberful later on (but don't worry, we’ll go over that!).

Now head over to Mailchimp and click on Lists from the menu at the top of the page. Then, click on the list for your Mighty Network. From there, click New Segment. To create the proper segment from the dropdown menu, choose Memberful Plans > all of > your Course’s name.


Click on Preview Segment and then Save Segment in the top right. A box will appear prompting you to rename your Segment. This Segment will contain the emails of everyone who has purchased your Course, so naming it something like "Course — Purchased" may make it easier to identify later.

Step 5: Make a Landing Page for Your Course in Mailchimp.

Click the Create button in the top right hand corner and then choose Landing Page.


From here, you can add your logo, Course description, and anything else that’s relevant to your Course or Group that you'll be charging for access to. This will essentially act as the sales page for what you are offering! You can even add a purchase button by dragging the button module from the Content section on the right hand side.


If you click on Edit (the pencil icon), you’ll also be able to customize the text and link within the button. The link you’re going to want to use here is the Plan Purchase Link from Memberful.


A.k.a. this link 👇


Save and close your work. Now, add a Page Title—this will be appear in your browser's title bar. Then, customize your landing page’s URL by clicking on the Edit button. Hit Publish in the top right hand corner. Your landing page should now be live and the link will be provided!


Step Six: Set Up Your Trigger in Zapier.

Head over to Zapier. Click on Make a Zap in the top right hand corner. Choose Mailchimp as the app and "New Subscriber with tag" as the trigger. Next, click on Connect an Account and log in with your Mailchimp information.


When you click on Test, the green Success! button should appear. Make sure it’s pulling from the right list (which is your Mighty Network). Then click on Edit Options on the left hand side. In the List section, choose the list with the name of your Mighty Network. In the Segment section, choose the segment you created in Mailchimp (in this case, it's "Course - Purchased"). Click on Continue.


Click on Continue again, and then Send Test. If the status says "true," you know it works!


Click finish and name your Zap something that’s easy to identify. Then, turn your Zap on!


Step 7: Managing Members Who Cancel

Now we’re going to set up a Zap for when a member cancels their subscription to your private Group or Course. We're going to do this by continuing the Zap at the beginning that we never finished. For the trigger, we'll use Memberful as the application and select "subscription deactivated." Click Save and Continue.


Next, you’ll need to connect your Memberful account to Zapier. Here’s an article that shows you how to accomplish this if you haven’t yet connected these services. Once you’re connected, click Save and Continue.

Then, you’ll want to add your Action. Choose the Mighty Networks app and chose Remove Member. Click Save and Continue.


On the next page, choose the email address of the member that canceled and then select your Course. Click on Continue and then Finish. To wrap up, name the Zap and then turn the Zap on!


Hooray! That's everything you need to know when you're ready to start charging your members for access to a Group or Course within your Mighty Network. 👍

How to Integrate with Other Payment Services like ThriveCart and SamCart

We know that many Mighty Hosts are already using services like ThriveCart or SamCart to accept payments within their businesses.

For all of you, we teamed up with our friend Bradley Morris from The Great eCourse Adventure to put together a video tutorial that shows you how to invite members into a Course using Zapier if you're already using one of these services: