Making the Overview, Sections, and Lessons Visible

By default, your Course Overview, Sections, and Lessons will be hidden, so only Hosts and Instructors will be able to see them inside of a Course.

When you're ready to make your Course visible to members in your Mighty Network, you have the option to make *everything* in your Course visible all at once, or you can make the Overview, Sections, and Lessons visible individually.

To make everything visible in one go, go to your Course Overview and toggle it from hidden to visible. Once you've done that, you will have the option to make everything visible, or just make your Course Overview visible.


If your Course Overview is hidden, all Sections and Lessons in the Overview will also be hidden. If some Sections or Lessons are ready to go, you can toggle them to Pending. Pending means those Sections and Lessons will be made visible as soon as the Course Overview is made visible.

The same applies to Lessons inside of a Section. Lessons in a hidden Section will automatically be set to hidden. You can change those Lessons to Pending, and they will become visible as soon as you make the Section visible.


Once the Overview, Sections, or Lessons are made visible, members of a Course will be able to see and interact with the visible material.