How Do I Make My Course Visible?

By default, a new Course is set to Secret and your Course Materials – the OverviewLessons, and Sections – are set to Hidden

This lets you create your Course Materials privately and share them when you're ready. 

Make Your Entire Course Visible at One Time

To make your entire Course visible at one time, go to the Table of Contents and choose the small SELECT ALL in the upper left hand corner. When you click on it, it will show you the option to make your Course – or any Lesson or Section in your Course – Visible or Hidden


Make Individual Lessons or Sections Visible When You're Ready

Alternatively, you can make any Lesson, Section, or the Overview Visible from Manage Overview Settings, Manage Lesson Settings, or Manage Section Settings.


When you make your Overview, a Lesson, or a Section visible, the following elements become visible to students:

  • The Title
  • The first few lines of the body
  • The thumbnail image

Students will always be able to open and view the Overview. Note that the privacy level of the Course will also determine who can see the Course and its' Visible contents.


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