Do All Courses in My Mighty Network Have to Have a Separate Community?

A Course Activity Feed is a dedicated Course community within a Course. It gives you the same feature options you have with your main Mighty Network – Quick Posts, Articles, Polls and Questions, Events, and Topics – but only available to the members of a specific Course. 

As members join and participate in your Course, they will see Course activity in this Course Activity Feed, as well as their Course activity in their main Mighty Network Activity Feed. 

It fuels three unique types of Courses you can create on a Mighty Network:

  1. A "Content-Only" Course. You can offer just Course Content and materials with no community or comments by turning off your Course Activity Feed.
  2. A Course with a Dedicated Community. This is the default Course you create. It has both the Table of Contents (course materials) and Activity Feed (course community) enabled. 
  3. A "Live" Course. This option puts the Activity Feed (course community) front and center. It's a great option for creating a Course live with a small group of students, adding Course materials as you go. 

To enable or disable the Course Activity Feed, go to CourseGeneral Settings.


Scroll down to Course Details.


You'll see that your Course Activity Feed is on by default. 

To create a "Content-Only" Course, turn OFF the Course Activity Feed. You'll remove the Activity Feed from the left navigation and your Course will have no dedicated community. 

If you Default to the Course Activity Feed "on," your members will land on the Course Activity Feed, not the Table of Contents when they click into your Course. This set up means that you can run a Live Course, creating course materials live with your students as you go. We share more details at the end of this article. 

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