Lessons are the learning unit of a Course. Lessons can stand alone or be organized into Sections. For example, in if you have a baking desserts Course, a Lesson could be Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies and exist either stand alone or within the Section called Baking Cookies. Currently, with Courses Beta, your members will have the option to mark a Lesson as completed.



Create a New Lesson

Create a new Lesson for a Course by clicking on "Add a Lesson" from the Course Overview or from the inside of a Section. A new Lesson will appear on the list right under your Course Overview. Click on "Edit This Lesson" to add content to the Lesson or change the Section in which it appears.

Customize Each Lesson

In each Lesson you can add images, videos, and files by clicking on the + and selecting the icon that looks like the action you're trying to take. The first video or image in your Lesson will show up as the thumbnail for that Section. You can also rename your Lesson to anything you'd like.

To format the text in your Lesson, just highlight the text that you'd like to format. When you're ready, don't forget to hit the Save button in the top right corner. 

For each Lesson, you have the option to turn on or off comments. By default, comments on Lessons are turned off. If you'd like to turn them on, go to that particular Lesson > More Menu > Turn on Comments

Make Your Lesson Visible

By default, your new Lesson will be hidden, so members of your Course won't be able to see it. When you're ready to make it visible, toggle it from hidden to visible.

Assign an Instructor to the Lesson

For each Lesson, you have the option to assign a Course Instructor. You can assign any Host or Instructor in your Course to be the Instructor of a Lesson.

To make someone an Instructor of your Course, go to Course Members > search for their name > click on the More Menu next to their name > Change Role > select Course Moderator. From there, go to the Lesson you would like to assign them, select the More Menu and Assign Instructor

Reorder Lessons in a Section

To change the order of Lessons in a Section, navigate to the Section you want to edit and hover over the Lesson you would like to move. Click and hold the move icon, then drag the Lesson to the place you'd like it to be.