How to Create New Courses

Once you enable Courses in your Mighty Network, you can create an unlimited number of Courses.

To create a new Course, navigate to Courses in the left navigation of your Mighty Network and then use the + button to to create a new Course. 

This button will be visible depending on your role when you're logged in and whether or not the Host has enabled the option for all members to create Courses, or restricted this option to just Hosts and Moderators. By default, only Mighty Network Hosts can create Courses. If you're the Host and you want members to create Courses too, you can change that setting by going to Network Settings > Premium Features > Courses and using the dropdown menu.


When you create a new Course, you'll be prompted to give the Course a name and select the privacy setting you want for that Course (public, private, or secret). By default, we leave your Course secret while you're setting it up.

When you're creating your new Course, you'll see a "More Options" menu where you can choose to set up additional aspects of your Course:

  • Add a Course Subtitle, Location, Website, and Description to give your members a sense of what the Course is all about.  
  • Turn on All Member Chat for the Course. This will open up a chatroom for all members of the Course to message with each other.
  • Turn on/off the Course Preview. This preview will allow members to preview the Course Overview and the Course Activity Feed if they are not members of the Course.
  • Turn on/off Step by Step. If Step by Step is turned on, members will be required to finish the previous Lesson before they can move onto the next Lesson. If it's off, members will be able to complete your Course in any order they would like.
  • Customize your Course color, logo, and Secondary Image to brand your Course inside your Mighty Network.
  • Rename Sections, Lessons, and Instructors inside of your Course. When you add a custom name, keep in mind that you'll need to include a singular name, indefinite article name, plural name, and possessive name so that wherever Sections, Lessons, or Instructors are listed across your Mighty Network, the text makes sense.
  • Create Topics that are customized for that particular Course. Your Course can have custom Topics that will let you keep posts, articles, events, and conversations within the Course organized.
  • Turn on or off different features within the Course, like the ability for members to create articles, polls and questions, or events.


When you're finished creating your new Course, you can invite members join join the Course by email or by importing your contacts. If you'd rather wait to invite until you have more pieces set up, you can always skip this step!

You can always come back and edit these details from inside each Course by going to Course Settings > General Settings