Set Up Courses in Your Mighty Network

Hosts with Mighty Business or Mighty Pro have the option to create online courses directly within their Mighty Network. This means you can bring everything together in one place—community, content, commerce, and now Courses.

Similar to Groups, a Course can exist as a separate space inside of your Mighty Network for members to come together around a shared interest or goal, or to complete a training module or lesson. You can create an unlimited number of Courses in your Mighty Network and you can have an unlimited number of Instructors—all included.


Courses Structure

Each Course that you set up consists of two main pieces: the Course Activity Feed and the Course material itself.

The Course Activity Feed brings your Course members together in one place, where they can ask questions, share reactions and ideas, and interact with other students. Just like the main Activity Feed in your Mighty Network, Hosts and/or members can ask Questions or Polls, add Posts or Articles, and set up Events for members of the Course to interact with.

The Course material consists of three distinct pieces: a Course Overview, Sections, and Lessons. Each course can hold up to 30 Sections and 30 Lessons. You can embed photos, links, files, and videos into each part of your Course to make it even more engaging.

  • Course Overview. Your Course Overview is where you outline what your members are going to learn or accomplish together by taking your Course. This is a great place to set expectations and define guidelines.

  • Sections. Sections allow you to break up your Course and organize similar materials in one place. Each Section serves as a mini overview for specific parts of your Course. For example, if you have a Course is about baking desserts (yum!), you could have a Section called "Baking Cookies."

  • Lessons. Lessons are the learning unit of a Course. Lessons can stand alone or be organized into Sections. For example, in your baking desserts Course, a Lesson could be Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies either stand alone or live within the Section Baking Cookies. Currently, as part of our Courses Beta release, your members will have the option to mark a Lesson as completed.

How to Enable Courses

As a Host, you can enable Courses by going to Network Settings > Premium Features once you've upgraded your Mighty Network to Mighty Business or Mighty Pro. Then, all you need to do is toggle Courses as "on."


Then choose how you want Courses to appear in your Mighty Network (as Classes, Courses, Seminars, Workshops, or a custom name you choose).


You can always rename how Courses appear for your members by going to Courses > Manage > Rename Courses.

By default, only Hosts can create Courses. If you want your members to create Courses too, you can change that setting by going to Host Management > Premium Features > Courses.


Once Courses are enabled, you and your members will be able to access Courses directly from the left navigation. From there, you can see a filtered view of Your Courses (all the Courses you belong to), Top Courses (a list of all Courses organized by most active), and Courses Near You.


As the Host of your Mighty Network, you can also see all Courses (including those that are public, private, or secret) by navigating to Courses > Top Courses.

Delete a Course

A Mighty Network Host can also delete any Course at any time on the web using the three dot menu along the right when you're viewing the full list of Courses. However, a keep in mind that a Network Host cannot see content in private or secret Groups in which they are not a member.