How Do I Enable Courses in My Mighty Network?

Hosts with The Business Plan or higher have the option to create online courses–or Mighty Courses, as we call them–directly within your Mighty Network. This means you can bring everything together in one place–your website, your community, your online courses, and your digital business. 

Enable Courses

By default, Courses are disabled in your Mighty Network.

You can enable Mighty Courses by going to Network Settings > Premium Features > Ways to Connect Members (halfway down the page). Once you're on a free trial or upgraded to The Business Plan, toggle Courses as "on."


From here, you can Build a Course. 

How to Charge for a Course

You can charge for access to a Course or a bundle of Courses (and so much more). You'll do this via our Plans feature. Learn more about Plans here. 

Manage Courses

By default, only Hosts and moderators can create Courses, but you could also choose to have members create Courses, too. This is a consistent option across most features of your Mighty Network. 

You have an option to rename your Courses. You can choose to call them Classes, Courses, Seminars, Workshops, or a custom name of your choosing. This can be done by going to Network Settings > Premium Features > Courses > Manage.


How to Change the Display of Your Courses Page

Once Courses are enabled, you and your members will be able to access Courses directly from the left navigation and go to the main Courses page.

You can choose what order your Courses are displayed on the main Courses page, as well as show off the Featured Courses or Bundle Plans you're offering.

Manage > Reorder Course List will give you the option to reorder your Courses, as well as add a "Featured Courses" section (similar to the Welcome or Featured Sections of the main Mighty Network), as well as a Bundle Plans section to highlight the Plans you are selling. You can drag and drop these elements into the order that you want. 




How to Add Courses to Your Welcome and Featured Sections

You can also feature a Course (or a Group) in your Welcome Checklist, Featured Section, or both to promote one or more Courses to your members in your main Mighty Network Activity Feed. 

Here's an example, from Mighty Community, our own Mighty Network:


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