How Do I Remove a Space From a Plan?

You can remove a Space from an existing Plan by changing the privacy setting for the Space.

First, go to the Space’s gear icon > Details > and change the privacy to private

When you do, you will need to decide whether to keep the Plan active for the other Spaces and/or Network access. Choose Option 1 to keep the Plan active.

When you click Option 1, you will see the following pop-up:

After you select “I understand” and “Change to Private”, the Space will be removed from the Plan.

The Plan will also become Hidden which means that it won’t be available for purchase unless someone has access to the Share Link for the Plan.

If you would like to make the Plan Visible again, go to Network Settings > Plans and Payments > Plans and click into the Plan.

Click the toggle in the upper right corner to change your Plan’s status to Visible and make it available for purchase again. 

Updated May 2024

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