How Do I Gamify My Mighty Network?

Whether you want to create a leaderboard or reward members for commenting on posts, we've got the steps for you. 

Gamification creates the most important part of any community — people magic. By implementing competition, a reward system, or ways to get points, you are motivating your members to participate, contribute, and connect with each other.

Examples of Gamification

You can use your Global Discovery as a Leaderboard — simply rename it "Leaderboard" and drag your top members and top posts to the top. 

Create an activity tracker using your Table of Contents feature. Allow members to reset their progress so after they finish, they can start from the top again.

Host a Challenge. Award badges to members who score 100% on a Quiz, or for all members that successfully finish the challenge. 

Get the Guide to Gamifying Your Mighty Network

Looking for more ideas? We created a brand new guide that takes you through all the steps you need to gamify your Mighty Network.

It is chock full of ideas for a reward system and gamification ideas that you can copy and paste into your own community. 

You can also check out the replay of our live event "Gamify Your Mighty Network" in Mighty Community.

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