Does Mighty Networks Integrate with Google Analytics?

The option to add Google Analytics web tracking to your Mighty Network is available to Hosts who've upgraded to the Business Plan.

Currently, we support measuring only one conversion event with your integrated Google Analytics account, so that you can measure the number of people who join your Mighty Network via the web.

How to Add Your Tracking ID

Once you've upgraded to the Business Plan, just go to Network Settings > Premium Features and scroll down to Integrations.

Once you turn on Google Analytics integration, all you need to do is add your own Google Analytics tracking ID that you've set up separately through Google Analytics, and within a day you should start to see web traffic from your Mighty Network recorded in your own Google Analytics dashboard.

Once you've added your tracking ID, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours until you'll start seeing activity from your Mighty Network recorded in your Google Analytics account.

Tracking Events in Google Analytics

Here are screenshots detailing how to set up this event (called "New User Sign Up" if you want to track when new members join on the web:



Creating a Universal Analytics Property

When you create a new property, you will want to click Show advanced options (below the property-setup fields), then turn on the switch for Create a Universal Analytics property.


Copy and paste your Mighty Network URL. Then, on the Admin dashboard, you will see a dropdown menu by your G/Tracking ID, which should display your UA-ID that you can use in your Mighty Network.

Updated July 2022

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