Set Up Groups

Your Mighty Network instantly connects members near each other, members like each other, members who follow the same Topics and—if you upgrade to Mighty Brand or Mighty Business and enable this feature—members who are in the same Groups.

Groups in a Mighty Network can have their own branding, their own enabled features, and their own Topics, Articles, Polls and Questions, and Events.

Here's a quick overview of how Groups fit into a Mighty Network:



How to Set Up Groups

As a Host, you can enable Groups by going to Network Settings > Premium Features. Then, choose how you want Groups to appear in your network (as Classes, Chapters, Circles, Teams, Tribes, or as a custom name that you choose) and create your first Group.

You can always rename how your groups appear by going to Groups > Manage > Rename Groups.

By default, only Network Hosts can create Groups. If you want your members to create Groups too, you can change that setting from Network Settings > Premium Features > Groups.

Once Groups are enabled, you and your members will be able to access Groups from the left hand navigation on the web or in the mobile apps. From there, you can see a filtered view of Your Groups (all the groups you belong to), Top Groups (a list of all groups organized by most active), and Groups Near You.


As the Host of your Mighty Network, you can see all Groups (including those that are public, private, or secret) by navigating to Groups > Top Groups. A Mighty Network Host can also delete any Group at any time on the web using the three dot menu along the right when you're viewing the full list of groups. However, a Network Host cannot see content in private or secret Groups in which they are not a member.

Read more here about how to manage your Group as a Group Host.