How Do I Add Groups to My Mighty Network?

You have the ability to create Groups within your Mighty Network.

Groups function as sub-groups in your Mighty Network that have their own branding, their own members, and their own Topics, Articles, Polls and Questions, and Events. You'll find the Groups feature on The Community Plan and higher. 

How to Set Up Groups

Groups are disabled by default.

As a Host, enable Groups by going to Network Settings > Premium Features > Ways to Connect Members (roughly halfway down the page).


By default, only Hosts and Moderators may create Groups, but Members may be enabled to create Groups from the dropdown setting.

How to Create a Group

Click the "+" icon in the main Activity Feed > Group


To learn how to manage Groups, check out How Do I Manage the Groups in My Mighty Network?

How to Charge for a Group

Charge for access to a Group directly within your Mighty Network via our Plans feature. Learn more about Plans here. 

How to Promote Your Groups to Your Mighty Network

You may Feature Groups in your Mighty Network's Welcome Checklist that appears to new members and Featured Section that appears to returning members at the top of their Activity Feed.

Feature both Groups and Courses, and they'll appear to all members of your Mighty Network in their main Mighty Network Activity Feed.



How to Manage Groups

When you Manage Groups, you may Rename Groups and Reorder the Group List on the main Group page accessed from the left-hand navigation. 


How to Reorder Groups

As you create Groups, you may order and reorder how they appear to members on the Groups page. Choose Reorder Group List to drag and drop Groups to display them in the order you want. 



Set Up Group Hosts/Moderators

You may assign Group Moderators and Group Hosts within your Group by going to your Group Members tab > three-dot menu on member card > change Group role.

Note: Network Hosts/Moderators are not automatically made Group Hosts/Moderators when they are added to a new Group. 


These are the actions a Group Host may take: 

  • Controls privacy settings, general settings, the Topics in the Group, design, the features that are turned on and off for members
  • Change all branding and design options (including the Landing Page)
  • Download the Group Member List
  • Notify all members when adding a new post within the Group
  • Edit/Delete all member content within the Group
  • Add content to your Group's Welcome/Featured Section
  • Designate other Group Hosts/Moderators
  • Delete the Group

These are the actions a Group Moderator may take:

  • Edit/Delete all member content within the Group

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