Your Mighty Network is the only community app that instantly connects members near each other, members like each other, members who follow the same topics and — if you choose to enable them — members in the same Groups.


As a Host, how do I enable Groups?

As a Host, you can enable Groups by going to Host Management > Groups. Then, choose how you want Groups to appear in your network (as Classes, Chapters, Circles, Teams, Tribes, etc.) and create your first Group.

You can always rename how your groups appear by going to Groups > Manage > Rename Groups.


Can anyone create Groups?

By default, only Network Hosts can create Groups. If you want your members to create Groups too, you can change that setting from Host Management > Features.


To create a new Group, navigate to Groups and then use the + button to give your new group a name, description and unique branding.


When you create a new Group, you’ll be prompted to make it public, private or secret. A Public Group is visible to both members and visitors, and anyone can join. Private Groups are listed in your network, but only invited members can join and see the activity inside. A Secret Group is hidden from everyone except invited members and Network Hosts.


Can someone be a Group Host, but not a Network Host?

Yep! As a Network Host, you can create a Group and invite someone to be a Group Host. You can change their role when you're on the web by going to Group Dashboard Menu > Members and switching thei role from member to Host.

Additionally, if you choose to open Group creation to members, members who create their own Group are automatically made a Group Host and can control all of the settings for that Group. But don't worry, they won't be made a Network Host unless you choose to change their role at the top level.


What features are available in a Group?

Members can add polls, questions, posts, events and comments to a Group. Each Group has its own “filtered” activity feed, as well as its own messaging tab. Right now, Group messaging is available on the web only. We’ll be adding Group messaging to our native mobile apps in a future version.


As a member of a Group, will I see my Group's activity in the home feed?

You’ll see all activity from each of your Groups that you are a member of in your Mighty Network’s home feed. Activity in a Private Group will appear in the home feed only to members of that Private Group and will marked with a lock symbol on the Group tag.


Can we use Topics in a Group?

Yes. Topics are created by Network Hosts in a Mighty Network and groups can organize their own conversations around the Network Topics. There are not separate Topics for each Group.

When a member creates a new post, poll or event, they will be prompted to add it to a Topic and/or to a Group they belong to.


How do I invite members to a Group?

On the web, each Group has its own “context bar” underneath the overall network navigation bar. The context bar displays the Group’s name and whether it’s public, private or secret. You'll also find the Group Dashboard — or navigation area — along the right. If you open up the Group Dashboard, you'll see a tab that says Invite. From there, follow the directions to invite new members into that Group.


What happens when a member is invited directly to a Group?

When members are invited to join a Group, and they aren't yet a member of the network, they will be prompted to sign up and add a profile to the main network, then they can head directly into the Group. When they exit out of the Group for the first time, they’ll see the option to follow Topics, answer the onboarding question and meet other members near them within the main network.


How do members leave a Group?

You and your members always have the option to leave a Group by navigating to Your Profile > Settings > Account.

As a Host, do I have access to all of the Groups in my Mighty Network?

As a Host of your Mighty Network, you can see all Groups (public, private and secret) by navigating to Groups > Top Groups. A Network Host can delete any Group at any time on the web. However, a Network Host cannot see content in private or secret Groups in which they are not a member.

Network Hosts are not all automatically made Group Hosts when new Groups are created. On the flip side, each Group can also have its own Group Hosts, who are separate from the Network Hosts.


As a Host, where can I see analytics on my Groups?

Group analytics will be available in the coming months. We chose to treat these as two separate projects for speed and efficiency. Stay tuned!

As a Host, if you’ve upgraded to the Growth Plan, Business Plan or Mighty Networks PRO, you have the option to download a complete list of your members as an Excel file both at the network level and within each Group where you are a Host. The file also includes email addresses for each of your members, as well as information about their location, the member category they’ve selected and their bio.