Custom Domain Map Your Mighty Network

One of our most popular features is Custom Domain Mapping. This allows Hosts to fully map the domain of their Mighty Network. Domain mapping also includes additional benefits, like improved internet search rankings and SEO. The best part? We've made it a whole lot easier to set up.

To unlock this feature, start a Free Trial or upgrade to Mighty Brand or Mighty Business.

First, you'll need to secure your domain name. If you don't already have one, you can purchase one from a domain provider. GoDaddy and DNSimple are both good options. 

Once you have your domain, you can activate it in 3 easy steps. For the purpose of this example, lets assume that you purchased the domain

Step 1 - Choose Your Subdomain 
We map your Mighty Network using CNAME records (explained below), so the first step is deciding which subdomain you'd like to use. A subdomain is a prefix that goes before your domain (like www). You can choose any prefix you'd like.  

Some popular prefixes are "community" (, "members" ( or "app" ( The default "www" ( works too!

If you choose members as your prefix, your subdomain will be This will become the URL used to access your Mighty Network. 🙌

Step 2 - Create your CNAME record with your DNS Provider
Though this may sound intimidating, it's pretty simple. Your domain provider will ask you for these two fields when creating a CNAME record:

  1. NAME: You'll need to enter just the prefix you've chosen for your subdomain. You don't need to enter your entire subdomain. For, for example, you'd just need to type in "members" for the name field.
  2. VALUE/POINTS TO: All you'll need here to do is type in ""

Here's an example of a CNAME record set up properly in GoDaddy:

Step 3 - Activate Your Domain! 
You're almost there! The final step is to log into your Mighty Network and navigate to Network Settings > General Settings > Domain > Custom Domain. Click on "Get Started" and simply paste your entire subdomain in the box that says "Paste Your Domain Here."

You're All Set!  

The mapping will take some time to finish, but you don't need to stay on the page. We'll send you a notification once it's complete.👌

If your domain hasn't been accepted within 48 hours, please reach out to us directly and we'll work with you to complete this process.

If You Want to Use Your Root Domain:

If you want to use your root domain (for example something like instead of there's a couple of options you can explore:

You can set up a 301 (Permanent) redirect on your domain provider. You'll want to redirect your root domain to the URL you chose in the steps above.

We recommend using a 3rd party redirecting service (such as EasyRedir). This method typically includes the option of having HTTPS supported with the redirect depending on the service provider. See this link for details!